How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Problem

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HP BIOHD-8 error code, also known as HP BIOHD-2 error code Biohd-8 is a hardware failure problem similar to HP Smart Test Error Code 303.

The reason we are not grouping is that although most cases of the HP biohd error code 8 mean that the hard drive fails,Guest Posting some users have also reported that this is a motherboard problem. So if you get this error, it could be the hard drive or motherboard instead of HDD 303. You can verify that the HDD is failing by running various diagnostic tests, such as the BIOS one.
Be that as it may, you'll want to back up your data to another drive as soon as possible before sending your computer in for repair or purchasing a replacement part.


601 is a problem with your HP laptop battery. Use the HP Battery Check Tool to find out what's going on. He will say that it is working properly but needs to be calibrated, or he will confirm that it is not working and needs to be replaced.
However, before shipping the battery or laptop, try removing the battery from Microsoft's ACPI compliant management method and removing the driver when prompted. Restart the computer and you will be prompted to reinstall the laptop battery. If you keep getting an error, it's probably time to change it.


This is another one of those common errors that are difficult to decipher and that are not related to the printer, but to the computer. This is not an HP DesignJet error code: you cannot turn on the computer! When you try to run it, you get an awkward 3f0.
Here's the good news - it's almost always related to your HP computer's hard drive, so you'll know what to look for.

The first thing to do is enter the BIOS when the computer starts up and make sure the hard drive is set as the primary boot device. If that doesn't work, you may want to reset the entire BIOS to its default settings. Generally, an HP error code 3f0 error means that your computer cannot find your hard drive, so you can verify that it is properly connected manually (unless you do, your warranty will be void). If you still get 3f0, it means you need a new hard drive.

This is a less common error that prevents the computer from starting and indicates that it needs to be fixed. But don't panic, as repairs are usually done on the software side, not the hardware side. That's right. Finally, something other than the HP hard drive error code.
Depending on your version of Windows, download the appropriate Windows repair tool and create a bootable USB drive with it on another computer. Shut down the computer containing the 0xc0000225 error, insert and reconnect the USB device, then load the bootable BIOS and select the USB drive as the primary boot device.

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After the repair process is complete, you will need to reset the main BIOS boot device on the Windows hard drive. You can also create a bootable repair tool out of a DVD and use a DVD drive as the primary boot drive for the repair process, but who really uses a DVD these days? and if you want any other error solution then contact Hp printer troubleshooting phone number.

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