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The increasing demand of online shopping is grabbing the attention of many sellers and compels them to create their own website. This step has been taken keeping today’s generation in mind as they are more comfortable in buying products from their comfort zones. And this has led to the huge success of the eCommerce industry in no time.

The aftereffect of this huge demand was the list of numerous websites online. However,Guest Posting this led to low sales and profits due to the low popularity and trust issues of customers. Marketplaces are one of the most popular and trustworthy websites by customers. As they provide each and everything on a single platform, consumers explore a wide variety of products on these platforms and save their time and energy both. Selling on Marketplace via your eCommerce website can help you attract higher sales and profits and will also help in gaining popularity and trust of customers. Etsy Marketplaces deals in the online trading of handmade products and vintage items. So if you are an artist or a craftsman, then you can try your hands on this Marketplace and earn good profits.

Knowband offers Etsy Magento Integration extension which provides an effective approach to integrate the Etsy marketplace with its Magento website. The Etsy Magento connector extension integrates your eCommerce store with the Etsy marketplace by using the Etsy API. After successful integration, you can update and list your products on the Etsy marketplace from the backend of this integrator even without even visiting the marketplace.

Etsy Integrator Setup:

  • Setup Etsy Seller Account: The store admin will create an Etsy seller account.
  • Setup App on Etsy: Setup an app in the Etsy marketplace.
  • Install and Configure: After the seller’s account setup, install the Magento Etsy integration plugin in your Magento store. Configure your Etsy shop as per the requirement.
  • Start Selling: Your integration is done and now you are ready to sell the products in the marketplace. The orders received from the marketplace can be easily processed from the admin interface of the Etsy Magento Integration extension.

Features offered by Etsy Magento Integrator Extension are as follows:

Easy Store Synchronization

  • Etsy Magento Integration module helps the sellers to synchronize their Magento store with the Etsy marketplace automatically.
  • With real-time synchronization, the Magento Etsy Integration plugin reduces the time and effort consumed in manual synchronization.

Quick Product Listing

  • The Magento Etsy API integrator allows the admin to list the products in bulk.
  • The seller can create multiple profiles in the admin panel of the Magento Etsy synchronization extension.

Inventory Management

  • The Magento Etsy integrator allows the admin to manage the inventory in bulk with the help of the profile-based listing.
  • The Etsy Magento integrator makes it easier for the store owners to edit, remove or relist the products on the marketplace.

Accurate Attribute and Category Mapping

  • The Etsy Magento API integrator offers many-to-one category mapping options.
  • The admin can map multiple Magento categories with a single category of Etsy Marketplace. The Magento Etsy integrator offers many-to-one mapping.

Shipping Management

  • The admin gets to create their shipping templates for the Etsy customer as per their convenience via Magento Etsy integrator.
  • The admin can offer N number of shipping options to the Etsy customer.

Order Movement

  • The orders received from the Etsy Marketplace can be synced with the Magento store by executing cron in the back-end of the Magento Etsy connector.
  • The orders can be processed like any other order from the admin interface of the Magento store.

Error Notification

  • The admin can check the errors that occurred while product listing.
  • The audit log tab of the Etsy Magento API integrator keeps track of all the tasks being performed.

New Features:

  1. Now sellers can easily sync the product price and inventory in one go. One more cron Full Magento Update Synchronization has been added to the Etsy Marketplace Connector module.
  2. In the new version of the Etsy Magento Connector module feature to disable the out of stock, products have been added. If the product is out of stock then the product will get disabled from the Etsy shop.
  3. Now, store admin can define the tags at the time of creating the profile and these tags will get synced to the Etsy shop. Tags help to improve product visibility for the search results.
  4. At the time of creating the profile, the store admin can select the type of price – Actual or Special.
  5. Admin can select the option to sync the price at a higher or lower price. Price can be altered based on the Percentage or Fixed basis.

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