Learn How to Transfer iPhone Photos to Computer in 5 Easy Steps

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Open “The PC” and right-click at the iPhone tool after which select “Import photos and videos”. 3. Select “Review, organize, and group items to import” option if you are shifting or importing pics for the primary time. Or click “Import all new gadgets now” if you have already transferred pics from your iPhone.

It may be difficult for iPhone users when they get a notification regarding the storage space. As we all like to take pictures so obviously you do not want to delete them to clear your storage space. So,Guest Posting it is better for you to transfer the photos from the iPhone to the computer. Here, you will find five easy methods to transfer your iPhone photos to your computer. So that you can keep your favorite photos with you and also clear the storage space effectively.  

Steps to Transfer iPhone Photos to Computer:

Apply the 5 easy steps that are described below to transfer your iPhone photos to the computer. These methods are the easiest one as compared to other methods. 


1.   Using iCloud 

You can use iCloud to transfer your photos from the iPhone to the computer and can transfer 1000 photos in a single download. So, first, enable the iCloud photos on your iPhone. Then, you can follow these steps to transfer your photos to the computer. 


  • At first, go to Settings and then provide your Apple ID to open the iCloud. Then, click on the Photos to upload the required photos to the Cloud from your device. 
  • Then, you need to download and install the iCloud for your Windows computer and sign in with the help of your Apple ID. 
  • Now, you can check and download the photos to your PC.  Then, click on Done and therefore, select Apply. 
  • If you are using Windows 7, then you might need Windows Explorer for downloading the photos from iCloud and you may need File Explorer if you use Windows 8/10.  
  • Finally, double-click on the iCloud Photos and Downloads respectively to view your iCloud photos. 


2.           Using Windows Explorer

You can use Windows Explorer to copy and transfer the photos to your computer. But you might get the photos in an incorrect and disorganized manner while transferring from your iPhone to PC. Therefore, take a glance at the steps.  


  • At first, connect your iPhone to your PC and then go to the Portable devices to search for your iPhone name in Windows Explorer.   
  • Therefore, open the DCIM folder and then you can drag and drop the photos to your PC from your iPhone device. 
  • Finally, you can make a folder to store the selected photos on your computer and then disconnect your iPhone from the PC. 


3.           Using Dropbox

You can also transfer your photos from the iPhone to your computer with the help of a Dropbox. It requires a LAN connection to transfer your photos from iPhone to the PC. You will then get a 2GB free space with your Dropbox but if you want to use more space then you have to purchase it. 


You might also follow the below steps to transfer your photos via Dropbox. 


  • Firstly, download and install the Dropbox app on your iPhone. Then, tap the plus button at the bottom for uploading the photos to the Dropbox.   
  • You can then select them individually or choose the photos by moments.  
  • Then, you need to download and install the Dropbox again on your PC and open the previous Dropbox folder that you have created on your iPhone.  
  • Now, you can see your iPhone photos there and finally move them from the Dropbox to another folder. 
4. Using Google Drive 

You can transfer the photos via Google Drive and you will also get up to 15GB free storage from it. For this, you will require a good internet connection to transfer the photos. 


  • Firstly, download and install the app from the Playstore on your iPhone.  
  • Then, after opening the app, tap on the plus button below to upload the photos. You can now choose and select the required photos to upload into Google Drive. 
  • Then, you need to download and install the app on your PC again. Now, you will get a Google Drive folder on your computer and then just open it to find your uploaded photos.


5. Using Email 

You can also send emails to transfer photos from iPhone to your computer. It will then take some time to transfer the photos and you can only send 5 photos in a single mail.   


Therefore, first, Open the Gmail app and select the add button and then tap the camera option and choose the photos( only 5). Next, you need to click on the bottom left corner icon and finally choose the option Mail from the list. 


Now, you can download the photos from your PC via email. 


In this way, you can easily transfer the photos from iPhone to your computer. You can also refer to some other methods but these 5 steps are the easier one.  More information about Transfer iPhone Photos. Visit Here

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