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Configuring and securing a network with a mobile wireless router

With the introduction of wireless networks,Guest Posting people find it easier to install and configure a network. However, until a few years back, if you wanted to connect to the Internet or to connect to a network, you had to plug in a network cable and were restricted to stay near a UPT cable plug. If you wanted to move around, there were very difficult and expensive solutions. Engineers have developed a series of wireless devices able to transmit data around a building, but at very low speeds and huge costs. When the wi-fi standards had been established, people and organizations were given the opportunity to connect with one another without using any wires at all, at convenient costs and a decent connection speed in the same time. The technologies have evolved significantly. There are many devices that are wi-fi compatible that allow you to access the Internet from wi-fi spots and wireless networks: laptops, PDAs and 3g phones are just some of the mobile devices incorporating wireless chips. In fact, the networks have evolved so quickly, that they offer speeds similar to broadband connections.

Wireless equipment manufacturers design devices that are more and more advanced and this can be seen in their size. A mobile wireless router can be the size of a PDA. The WiFlyer router is a powerful device allowing you to set a wireless network in no time and to configure and secure it easily. You can connect between them all sorts of wi-fi compatible devices, such as modern laptops, video phones supporting wi-fi technologies and USB or PCI wireless network cards. The WiFlyer mobile wireless router supports the latest 802.11 standards, the 802.11b and the 802.11g specifications. This translates to a speed of over 54Mbs and it is able to send and receive data for a radius of up to 200 ft (at these distances it supports a speed of over 11Mbs). If you are interested in securing your wireless network, the WiFlyer mobile wireless router supports 128-bit WEP protection to make sure no one accesses your network unauthorized. The WiFlyer is relatively simple to install and configure. All you have to do is to connect it to the main internet connection and it will automatically configure itself with the required settings. It also supports dial-up connections and it is able to share the available internet connection between several devices. It comes with an external power adapter, but it very compact (in fact it is smaller than the router itself), making the device a truly portable unit. In independent reviews, the WiFlyer mobile wireless router was able to send and receive data through concrete walls inside a bureau office, making it a viable solution for businesses and private networks.

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