Office and Portability Products for PC, DVD, and CDROM

Feb 24


Michele De Capitani

Michele De Capitani

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Today we all have at least one pc and sector reviews always talk about continuous technology innovations. Here we will deal with office and portability products for your pc.


One of the early products,Office and Portability Products for PC, DVD, and CDROM Articles the floppy-disc, it is no longer standard equipment on computers. In last generation pc there isn’t even the floppy-disc housing place. It was small storage disc (2,44 MB) and a it can perform both data and picture transfer.

In this category, today the most popular products are CD r verbatim and DVD. Now we will analyze the characteristics of each one.

We start from CD ROM, where we can store data, picture and video.

The capacity of a CD ROM is 700 MB, which means 80 minutes, but it is possible also to find CD that can store 800 MB. Now three different types of CD ROM can be find on sale. The first type are the rewritable ones; it means that data saved on this type of CD ROM can be deleted and the CD ROM can be used again for other storage needs. But there is a limit to the number of times the recording layer in a CD-RW disc can be reliably switched between its crystalline and amorphous states. Currently, CD-RW discs can be rewritten approximately 1000 times.

Then there are the classic CD ROM that we can find on sale with the following wording: “CD ROM-“ and “CD ROM+”. The choice from the signs “– “or “+ “ is based on the type of CD burner you have and on the dvd-rtdk or dvx player you have. We can say that new generation DVD players and CD burners can read both type of CD ROM, and the same applies to DVD.  DVD can be bought both with the sign “- “ and “+”, but also in this case we can find rewritable DVD. The main difference between CD ROM and DVD is that the last one can hold up to 4,7 MB. In addition there are also double –layer DVD, which storage capacity is double than normal DVD. An important thing to know is the life span of these devices. Both CD ROM and DVD can last about five-ten years. Another useful and innovative storage device for pc is pen drive or flash drive.

Their data storage is very variable and the price is usually really cheap, we can say it can really suit every budget. It ranges from a minimum of 7 euro, to a maximum of 20 euro, but we can also say that with an average price of 10 euro you can buy a really good product. But the life span of these products is less than the one of CD ROM or DVD. A pen drive can last about 3-5 years. It is very useful to keep in order work papers, but also picture and what else. But USB flash drive has another negative side, being pretty small, it is also relatively easy to lose.

Keep it in a safe place and be very careful. To be sure not to lose data stored in a pen drive, (but this applies also to CD ROM and DVD), it is recommended to copy all the data on another device, in order to always have all your important data within reach. All these kind of office and portability products can be found on sale in every computer store or in shopping center at the computer department.