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Most of the benefits of having an integrated HR Software solution are fairly obvious but with this article, I will also point out some of the reasons for keeping payroll and HR separate.

• Payroll HR Integration,Guest Posting No Double Entry – The simple reason for purchasing an integrated HR Software solution is the elimination of double input between the two systems. However, this reason may not be valid given that most, if not all, HR software vendors will offer some type of interfacing options to tie your HR data to your payroll data and thus, eliminating double input. If you are going to use two separate systems for payroll and HR, during your evaluation, make sure that these two systems will speak with each other in some fashion.

• Payroll HR Integration, No Interfaces – While interfaces eliminate double entry with your HR software solutions, they don’t offer the same benefits of a truly integrated payroll HR software which shares the same database. The first issue is that your data won’t be real time. Let’s say, for example, that you push data from your payroll application to your HR Software system. The data in your HR software system is only valid to the date of the last data transfer. If you ran a turnover report this morning and the data had not been transferred in two weeks, your report would be inaccurate. Payroll HR software interfaces may be automatic or they may be manual, which requires someone to remember to run the process to update the information.

• Advantage of not integrating Payroll HR software – The biggest advantage of not purchasing an integrated HR software solution is that HR is not tied to payroll changes. You may love the existing HR application you work with but if it becomes necessary to change payroll, you may have to change your HR application, as well, to a less desirable system.

• You may not have any other choice – If your HR Payroll Software application does not offer an HR software solution or an adequate one, you may be forced to seek out an HR software solution from another vendor who will provide an interface to your payroll application. Right or wrong, over the years many have perceived ADP as being weak on HR and every HR software company I have come in contact with, offers some type of interface to their system.

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