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Article about Verbatim Storage Media.

The Verbatim Company has a variety of storage media available. The company manufactures different types of storage media such as flash drives and external hard drives. Verbatim Storage Media is well designed and professional. Verbatim Storage Media is of high quality and users use it for storing,Guest Posting moving and accessing digital content. Verbatim is a well-known company for its positive influence in the optical, magnetic, flash storage media and related computer accessories. Verbatim has businesses in America, Europe, Asia pacific, the Middle East and Africa and these businesses are all subsidiaries of its parent company, the Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Company Limited based in Tokyo Japan. An example of Verbatim Storage Media is the Insight Portable Verbatim External Hard Drive. It is very attractive in design to both office and home users with its slender dimensions and the look of shiny black steel.  It has a very high capacity to back up all file types that a user could probably want to back up. Users can use Verbatim Storage Media to free up hard disk space, by storing large videos, music or photograph files and other electronic data in it. This will ensure that the user’s files in the hard disk are fast to access and work with daily. The other benefit offered by Verbatim Storage Media is that they offer security to the data stored in them. Portability is the other benefit offered by external Verbatim Storage Media.

The Insight Portable Hard Drive from Verbatim enables Windows and Macintosh users to add 320 gigabytes or 500 gigabytes of data storage to their computers instantly. The users also have the option of personalizing the drive names of Verbatim Storage Media. This will for example, enable the user to use a name that identifies which particular drive contains the saved information that he or she wants to access. The 320-gigabyte and the 500-gigabyte capacity drives both have Nero BackItUp Essentials, which is a data protection solution that allows users to achieve full system backup and restore functions automatically. This verbatim storage Media feature allows the user to make scheduled backups by date and time. The Insight Portable Hard Drive from Verbatim also allows the user to encrypt data and has password control options that provide data security. The Insight Portable Hard Drive weighs less than six ounces and its measurements are six inches long, three point four inches wide and zero point six three inches thick. The drive has 500 revolutions per minute spindle speed and eight megabytes of cache memory to enhance speed performance. When used with a USB 2.0 port, the drives can achieve a speed transfer of 480 megabytes per second, which is very high. Verbatim Insight Portable Hard Drives work well with Windows Vista, XP or 2000 and Macintosh OS 9.x or higher systems. Verbatim retail partners such as Best Buy distribute these Insight Portable Hard Drives. The price of these hard drives ranges from one hundred and twenty U.S. dollars for the 320 GB drive and one hundred and fifty dollars for the 500GB drive. These Verbatim Storage Media also come with a five-year limited warranty that is also of advantage to the user.

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