The Advantages of Refurb Laptops

Aug 23


Mathieu Deprez

Mathieu Deprez

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This article presents and explains the various types of refurbished laptops available.

Laptops are everywhere these days. The fact that you can carry them everywhere is a big plus for many. What's more,The Advantages of Refurb Laptops Articles today's laptops carry a punch and no longer suffer from weak specifications. This makes them very versatile and an irresistible proposition for many.

The only thing that can hold some people back is their price. While it is true laptop prices have gone down significantly in the last few years, they still carry a premium over desktops and are still out of reach for some.

How to overcome this issue? For those who don't have the means to buy a new laptop or who simply want quality at a great price, refurbished laptops are the solution. There are various types of refurbished laptops.
Factory Refurbished Laptop

Factory refurbished laptops are ideal. They are either computers which were returned to the manufacturer for some issue or computers that didn't pass the quality test at the factory. Either way, whatever is wrong with the notebook if fixed and then checked. Laptops are given a fresh install after the hard drive has been reformated if need be. The laptop is then put through its paces to check if it performs well. Factory refurbushed laptops are then sold by the laptop manufacturer at a discount, making them a great deal for people looking to buy as-new laptops at a low price.  They also come with a warranty, making them a very attractive proposition.

Privately Owned Refurbished Laptops

These are laptops refurbished by the owner themselves. This means usually that the hard drive has been formated and that the Operating Sysytem has been reinstalled. It also means that the owner guarantees in good faith that the laptop is in good working condition, with no issues unless specified. These types of refurbished laptops usually do not come with a warranty. However, they are cheaper than factory refurbished laptops.

Here are a few tips to help you make a good purchase: ideally, try to buy a computer with one previous owner, meaning that if you buy it you will be the second owner. In any case, do not go for a laptop with more than two previous owners. Try to buy a laptop less than three year old so that you can run the latest applications without much problem. Go for older laptops only if you are certain you don't need the computing power of a newish laptop. Make sure the OS installed is the one that was designed for the computer. Do not buy a computer running Windows Vista if it was intended to run with Windows XP for example. Oh, and make sure the OS is genuine.

Refurbished Laptops From The Store

These laptops are refurbished by professionals. They usually come with some sort of warranty. Pricewise, they should be about halfway between a privately owned refurbished laptop and a factory refurbished laptop. You can sometimes ask the store to upgrade this or that part of the computer as well if you wish.

Refurbished laptops have many advantages that make them great buys. With a bit of caution, you should be able to make a nice purchase that will satisfy you for years to come. I wish you good luck in your search for your refurbished laptop.