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Article about Toshiba External Hard Drive.

When it comes to external storage devices such as the external hard drive,Guest Posting Toshiba is a company that provides good quality and high capacity memory devices. Toshiba is a well-recognized brand in the computer field and offers various data storage capacities such as the five hundred Gigabytes Toshiba External Hard Drive and the one Tetra byte Toshiba External Hard Drive. Computer users who only need basic external hard drive data storage will find the Toshiba 500GB storage adequate. It has a retail value of about one hundred and fifty dollars, which is affordable to most computer users. Toshiba has a 3.5-inch External Hard Drive that offers computer users a well-designed and affordable backup device, which has good software features and a storage capacity of up to one Tetra byte.

Toshiba External Hard Drives contain the following features. The 3.5-inch Toshiba External Hard Drive has a dual connectivity feature if connected to a high speed 2.0 USB port and eSATA ports. Users are able to backup selected files and the entire computer system. The various versions of the 3.5-inch Toshiba External Hard Drive are all compatible with Windows and Macintosh applications and come with a three- year limited warranty. The aesthetic features include slim form in order to save on space of desk, a finish high gloss, making it look sleek, that is attractive for office and home users, a metallic silver rim which is vaporized and an LED light that has white glowing effects.  The feature of the 3.5-inch Toshiba External Hard Drive that allows for reliability is an internal system of dampening for protection from shock, and a power saving feature. The technical specifications of the Toshiba External Hard Drive are that it has a length of 6.8 inches, a width of 6.6 inches and a height of 1.34 inches. It includes software that is user-friendly and is USBIF compliant. The Toshiba External Hard Drive comes included with a four-foot USB cable and AC adapter, a hard drive cradle strand, Backup Software and a quick start guide and warranty card. The price of the 3.5 inch Toshiba External Hard Drive is according to data storage capability. The price for the hard drive with the storage capability of 640 gigabytes is one hundred and twenty nine U.S. dollars while that of the data storage capability of one Tetra byte is one hundred and fifty dollars.

The other External Hard Drive offered by Toshiba is the Toshiba USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive. Its design is good for strength to prevent it from damage even after bearing adverse conditions. The data storage capacities available in the Toshiba USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive are 100 gigabytes, 120 gigabytes, 160 gigabytes and 200 gigabytes. The drive speed of this Toshiba External Hard Drive is five thousand revolutions per minute. It is compatible with Windows XP and Vista. It is also compatible with Macintosh OS and 10.3.9. The software that comes included with this Toshiba External Hard Drive is the NTI Shadow Software for backup that comes in a CD. Toshiba also provides customer service support from its toll free line. The Toshiba USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive comes with a one-year warranty.

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