What is RTX in Gaming? And how it can take Gaming to next level?

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Graphic card take gaming experience to the next level. Nvidia is one of the most popular graphic card company. Nvidia released next generation series of graphic cards known as GeForce RTX. What is RTX and how it can take your gaming experience to next level. 

Gaming is very popular today and youtubers take it to another level. Some youtubers play very heavy games that required high end PC's and graphic cards.

Nvidia released its next-generation graphics cards series GeForce RTX. Despite an increase in the price of new Nvidia GPU,Guest Posting the price is worth it considering the impressive jump in performance and introducing new technology RTX, making graphics of the game a lot more beautiful and realistic.

Although many upcoming games do not support RTX technology, when it does, it takes game graphics to next level. Even in the feature, RTX technology has a great scope as demand for high graphics in the game are increasing every year.


The Geforce RTX is a platform that brings real-time ray tracing, programmable shading and artificial intelligence (Ai), all together for a whole new way to experience games.

In simple words, this new graphics technology physically renders multiple light behaviours to create realistic scenes without putting more work by developers.

It also includes RTX new Technology DLSS known as deep learning super sampling that uses the power of deep machine learning and AI to tech the GPU run 2 times faster than previous generation GPU while rendering images from the game and use required anti-aliasing techniques.

Support for RTX

The new Nvidia high-end graphics card released in 2018 support ray tracing and DLSS. Also in order to get RTX visuals and DLSS performance, the game should support gives technologies.
List of games that will include DLSS:
• Hitman 2
• Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries
• Ark: Survival Evolved
• Atomic Heart
• Final Fantasy XV
• Fractured Lands
• Islands of Nyne
• We Happy Few
• Justice
• JX3
• The Forge Arena
• PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
• Remnant: From the Ashes
• Dauntless
• Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass
• Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Here is the list of games that will support real-time ray tracing.
• Battlefield V
• Assetto Corsa Competizione
• Atomic Heart
• Control
• Enlisted
• JX3
• MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
• Metro Exodus
• Justice
• ProjectDH
• Shadow of the Tomb Raider

RTX Performance Impact

Nvidia has introduced new technology DLSS and ray tracing, where DLSS supporting game will give a significant amount of FPS boost in 2000 series based on Turning architecture compare to previous 1000 series cards based on Pascal architecture, ray tracing will make game look visuals more appealing with advanced lighting technology.

But when every Nvidia introduces this new technology like ray tracing, you can expect performance reduction in trade of the technology.

For instance, in the past, Nvidia introduced tech G-Sync + HDR was impressive and gameplay was much smoother but it also leads to 10-15% performance decrease in many games. The same thing happened when Nvidia introduced hair work, turning on hair work in the game lead to performance reduction as well.

Even in demos, we have 1080p with 60Fps videos that show the visual effect of ray tracing. Why not 4K? Nvidia has shown that their new series offers 60Fps at 4k resolution.

Does that mean that RTX is a performance hunger technology that will reduce the performance of gaming when it is turned on? We can’t say much as the RTX is not available on any game and there is no benchmark available on Nvidia websites when RTX is ON.

RTX Driver update for RTX cards

Nvidia has confirmed that the upcoming GeForce RTX drivers that will support ray tracing in Battlefield V- the World War II shooter first-person shooter video game debuts November 20.

Although you can start playing battlefield 5 with early access, all you need is EA Access or Origin Access.

Nvidia said that the new drive will support RTX and DirectX R graphics API that was launched by Microsoft in their Windows 10 in October.

Hold on, don’t get too excited early. We still have to wait as the only drive will get a support for RTX, not the game so, we still have to wait for a software update (a patch) from Battlefield 5.

Press Release announcement for RTX

In the press release, NVIDIA, DICE, and EA have announced that the first release of DXR real-time ray tracing will be available in an upcoming patch of Battlefield V and that will be in the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition release window.”

Well, this could mean that any time between in few week or next month, we will have RTX visuals in gaming. Many still aren’t sure exactly how long a “release window” will take. Based on rumours, it is believed that the RTX will be available this year.

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