Why Adware Is Important To Know About

Jan 15


Josh George

Josh George

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Having the amount of adware removal tools currently available, not many people really care about learning adware's origins and concepts. Believe it or not though, adware has actually proved to do some good on the Internet. This article primarily focuses on adware's contributions to the Internet and how it has made the Internet the way it is today.


Adware has made a major impact on the Internet. While people consider it to be nothing but a software form of aggravation and a danger to their computer,Why Adware Is Important To Know About Articles adware has fueled the Internet in positive ways that people do not usually think about. So why does it matter to know about adware? Well, in short, it is one of the main technologies that made the Internet what it is today, which can be considered both a good and bad thing.

With the help of the media, adware has mutated into a thought that is completely abstract from its core purpose. What is important to know is that adware is not malicious in of itself. Spyware and malware, on the other hand, are designed with malicious intentions. With this in mind, it can be understood why various media sources confuse the true idea of adware. In their stories, the media usually categorize threats as "adware" when in fact they should be using terms like "spyware" or "malware". Adware’s true goal was just to change the paradigm in which advertisements were delivered to potential customers.

Because adware was designed to send advertisements in a unique manner, there was much money to be made by simply adding adware to whatever was being developed. Before you knew it, the funding provided by adware was triggering new forms of software, such as freeware and shareware. This new idea of being able to download and use software for free also helped create a paradigm of its own; online communities. Users and developers started collaborating with one another to make free software better and more functional, and thus rival commercial competitors.

At the same time, adware can be considered as a downfall of the Internet. While adware was funding all sorts of different projects, it was also starting to get on people’s nerves. Adware became more abusive and pop up advertisements on people’s computers more often. On top of that, people started installing and adding adware in places where people would never expect it, such as in commercial products and websites. What once used to be a new advertising medium has now become a disaster.

When people thought adware couldn’t get any worse, hackers and malicious software programmers jumped into the scene. They started to make their own versions of adware that were darker in nature. As businesses became more anxious for new prospects, they turned to developers which would develop a different breed of adware. Instead of just creating standard pop up advertisements on people’s computers, this adware would track people’s browsing habits as well as various other things. This art of tracking brought forth a new breed of adware: spyware.

The evolutions of adware didn’t stop there though. Taking the idea of bundling adware with software, hackers started taking out the advertising aspects of adware to make them more stealth-like and difficult for users to identify. More and more often you would hear about viruses, Trojans, worms and the like being bundled with free software without the knowledge of users (or even developers in some manners). With a goal to just infect and destroy as much as possible, malware started entering computers worldwide.

Fortunately, things started to look better for adware and its affects on the Internet. Security experts started collaborating with one another to deliver cost-effective and free security software to eliminate malware and spyware, which became financially available to Internet users through legitimate adware. That being said, you can find tons of security software freely available on the Internet, a lot of which rivals commercial counterparts.

Currently, adware is still seen as a threat and considered more of a nuisance than anything else. Fortunately, with the wide variety of adware removal solutions freely and commercially available now, people can now control the types and amount of adware they want on their systems.