Zagg iPad 3 Cases: Best Keyboards and Accessories for New iPad

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If you bought the new iPad all you need now is to get accessories like cases and keyboards to complement and increase the functionality of your Apple tablet.

From all the tablets that appeared,Guest Posting the Ipad was an instant success. After the first generation, the second one followed, just to witness now the third one. One thing is for sure, the success hasn’t shrunk a bit through Ipad generations and after seeing producers of notebook coolers that formed a department for Ipad cases, it’s actually nice to someone like the guys from Zagg manufacturing the same stuff. Let’s go deeper into the matter and see what their best 3 Ipad cases are!The Zagg Folio is probably the best Ipad case when it comes to the third generation (for other options check this page - The case includes a keyboard and transforms itself into a stand. The motto used to promote this Folio is ‘’this one is different!’’. Great choice of words because it’s really like that. The case consists in a hard shell, covered in genuine leather or polyurethane (both fabrics are anti slippery, so the grab couldn’t be better). The same case includes, as well a bluetooth 3.0, so you’ll be able to use it no matter if your keyboard is connected or not (because you can always take it out, if you want). Another thing that we really appreciated on this case is the keyboard that comes with it. It is very comfortable to type on it and it contains dedicated Ipad 3 buttons, such as volume control, music control, home, search, and copy and paste. The cost of the Zagg Folio is of almost 100 US dollars, but this is not a bad investment, since it doesn’t just protect your Ipad, it also helps you use it in the best way possible.The next case on the list of best 3 Ipad cases is the Sport Zagg. Made of genuine leather, especially for sports passionate guys, the Sport Zagg will imitate soccer, the baseball, the basketball or the football balls. This case will protect your Ipad with a quality fabric and will never forget to remind of your passion. It’s just made to match you and can be bought for only 39.9 US dollars.The last on the list of best 3 Ipad cases is the Zagg Skin. The limited collection of Ipad skins made in collaboration with Jimmy Toro is based on creativity and expressivity. Here one can choose from exclusive designs ranging from wild life to different types of patterns. The cost of such product is 20 US dollars per piece. If these three options do not satisfy you stay close for our next best 3 Ipad cases article!

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