Freelance Copywriting Jobs-How to Find Them-Make $1000 a Day

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When you are looking for freelance copywriting jobs, I know the best place to find them. Learn the newest methods and strategies for finding high quality freelance writing jobs online.

Finding freelance copywriting jobs can be kind of difficult because of the stiff competition and lack of well paying clients on the market. Freelance copywriting jobs are plentiful; however writers have a hard time looking for them. Most clients who post freelance copywriting jobs want to outsource their writing assignments to those who are willing to work for low wages. Why would a client pay $100 for a copywriting piece when Billy is selling the same article for $3? This is the problem many contractors are facing today when looking for freelance copywriting jobs. Here is the solution; quality. You can’t put a price on quality,Guest Posting and I will show you how to market yourself for copywriting jobs and where to find them:

Online Job Boards- When looking for freelance copywriting jobs, there are a couple of things to watch out for. For one, Craigslist. Craigslist use to be a legit site that carries a lot of clients who are willing to pay their writers. Unfortunately, scammers caught on the marketability of the site and are now posting fake copywriting jobs to entice writers to hand over free articles. Sure, you might find one or two copywriting clients who are willing to pay decent money, but for the most part, Craigslist is a no-dice. The board is full of scammer and spammers. To save you time and money, avoid this site and look elsewhere.

Local Businesses- What many copywriters don’t understand is that their industry does require skill and research. I have seen some ads looking for copywriters to write SEO articles for $3 a pop! For one, this is slave wages, and for two, it takes time to research these articles and to incorporate keywords. $3 an article is an insult and no serious copywriter should ever work for these low wages.

One alternative to this mess is to look at local businesses in your area and give the Internet a little rest. Yes, you could find more clients on the Internet, but you will also find a lot of bull as well. I have heard many copywriters (including myself), find freelance copywriting jobs at their local insurance office, grocery store, etc. They need print ads as well, and if you are not afraid of a little cold-calling and marketing yourself a little, you have the chance to really make some money. Some copywriters draw up contracts so that they can ensure the client pays them or will use them for a certain amount of jobs.

Freelance Sites- Believe it or not, freelance bidding is still a good way to get decent freelance copywriting jobs. The key is to find the right sites to this. Some sites to avoid; Elance and Get-a-freelancer. Both have been sited as having horrible customer service and fraudulent bids. Rene-a-coder is a really good site and for finding work. Make sure the client is trusted and has good feedback. Also, make sure to look out for signs that they have multiple accounts just to make themselves look legit. This is how to get freelance writing jobs.

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