Increase Sales By Overcoming Customer Fears

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One of the biggest obstacles any business encounters when trying to increase sales is overcoming the fears of potential customers.
When writing copy to promote anything these fears need to be considered, addressed and overcome!
Read on to see 5 strategies you can use in your copy writing that will help people banish their buying fears and increase your sales!

One of the biggest obstacles any business encounters when trying to increase sales is overcoming the fears of potential customers. On the internet this is particularly challenging since marketing efforts are pretty much limited to the written word. The success and/or failure of many online businesses in fact hinges upon the effectiveness of the copy writing being used. People are people online or off and it is expected and natural that they will have doubts and fears when making buying decisions. When writing copy to promote anything these fears need to be considered,Guest Posting addressed and overcome! Obviously a certain amount of confidence and trust must therefore be built with readers. The challenge here is to overcome the fears and doubts of customers while persuading them to make a purchase and to do so using only the power of the written word! Can this be done? Absolutely!

Here are 5 strategies that need to be incorporated into any copy writing used online for promotional purposes in order to alleviate the fears of potential customers!

Relate to Readers

When you connect with people on a level where they are aware you are familiar with their situation they now feel they have a 'listening' ear. At this point they will be more willing to listen to what you have to say thereby placing you in a position of more influence as a result! If you can not connect with people in your copy writing it is unlikely you will get them to take the action you want them to take! Make them aware of your familiarity with their situation!

Offer Your Solution

Offer do not push the solution you have that will solve their problem/situation. Make it crystal clear that what you have will eliminate their problem and remind them of the benefits they will experience as a result.

Offer Proof

Be it testimonials or logical explanations as to why your solution will work you want to 'nudge' people closer to making the decision you seek. People quite often need reassurance that the decision they are making is the right one and social proof or logical explanations with help soothe their doubts!

Remember to also choose your words carefully when writing copy using only those everybody can understand! If you can not get your point across people will become frustrated and likely will not even finish reading what you have presented to them!

Offer Guarantee

The offer of a money back guarantee helps increases a buyers comfort level further alleviating their doubts and/or hesitation. Your goal when writing copy is to focus on overcoming buyers resistance and their fears are at the core of this resistance! A money back guarantee helps to break down these barriers further minimizing their feeling of risk!

Offer Reassurance

In closing you want to one more time remind them of your familiarity with their situation and the solution you have to eliminate their problem! You are letting them know you are there to help and do so if they will allow it!

When looking to increase sales online in most cases you will look no further than proper using the power of the written word. When writing copy for the purpose of persuading people to make a purchase  consideration must be given to overcoming the normal doubts and fears they experience when faced with a buying decision! As challenging as this may seem it can be done by simply implementing the 5 strategies suggested above in your copy writing. Your intent will be nothing other than to gain their trust, soothe their fears and then reassure them that their decision is the right one. Remember the same persuasive techniques you may use in person come out in words! Simply edit, modify and transfer these same words to text and this should result in very persuasive copy writing to help boost your online business!

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