A Strategy to Meet People and Get a Social Life

Apr 29


Eduard Ezeanu

Eduard Ezeanu

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Meeting people and getting a social life is a lot easier when you have a solid strategy in place. Here is such a strategy, which you can start applying immediately.


We live in a world with many possibilities for socializing. This is for the most part, good,A Strategy to Meet People and Get a Social Life Articles but it also entails certain challenges such as meeting the kind people you’ll naturally connect with, and building fulfilling friendships.


If you want to use your socializing time efficiently, what you need is a powerful strategy to meet people and get a social life. And if you’re somewhat shy, this needs to be taken into account by this strategy.


Working as a communication coach, I have developed such a socializing strategy, which all my clients who want to improve their social life use successfully. This strategy has three steps.


1. Get involved in social activities. One of the best ways to meet new people is to participate in activities that are social in nature and get you around other people. I’m talking about activities such as classes, team or group sports, various hobbies and volunteer work.


Search on the Internet and find such activities in your area. Pick a couple you think you might enjoy and present good social opportunities, without being too picky. Then, get involved in them.


2. Initiate interactions. It’s often not enough to be involved in a social activity to make friends. What you need is a proactive attitude. This means that you don’t just wait for the other people there to give you their attention and socialize with you. Instead, you give them your attention and socialize with them.


The key here is to be social and friendly. With such an attitude, other people will find you highly likeable and will want to interact with you socially.


3. Take people out. By being sociable, you’ll meet and connect with a lot of people in social activities. Now, pick the ones you’ve connected best with, and initiate other interactions with them. For instance, ask them to hang out sometimes or to have lunch together.


Thus, you’re generating new social interactions with the persons you get along with. In time, this is what builds friendships and fulfilling relationships. Use this simple strategy to meet people and get a social life, and you’ll be impressed with it.

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