Basic Types Of Russian Women For Marriage

Jan 13


Lera Cupidonova

Lera Cupidonova

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Women from Russian are famous all over the world for being intelligent, beautiful and educated. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the break up of Soviet Union, foreign men travel to the countries that have been off limits for many years.


Former republics of USSR have become a place where men from Western Europe,Basic Types Of Russian Women For Marriage Articles Canada and the United States search for Russian women for marriage. Who are these females searching for a husband abroad? A single answer can not be given for this question, all women are different, so are their goals and motivations. Even though we can mark out some categories, do not forget that every rule has an exception.


The first category. Let’s call it a “truly family-oriented woman”.  If you are looking for a life time partner, this is the type of lady you should be focused on. This lady has genuine intentions and is searching nothing but long term relationship and marriage. Her search is not oriented on the country she would like to move to. The geographical spot where her future family will be created do not make any difference. Her search is all about finding a trustworthy, reliable, good, caring and loving man to be her husband.  This kind of women values traditions, has strong moral values and her family is the most important thing in life. They make wonderful wives, have very flexible and understanding character and become most loving mothers.


Cash hunter. For this type of women internet dating is the tool to make money and nothing else. They are not interested in relationship or marriage. They would invent incredible stories to get into your pocket. There are dozens of sites online that tell men about online scammers. Take time to educate yourself to avoid money and time wasting.


Foreign lover type. These women are looking for geographical location, first of all. They are ready to sacrifice anything just to get the ticket out of her native country and can be recognized very easily. They talk badly about their countries all the time: bad economic situation, terrible life conditions, poor people mentality and so on. It does not mean these ladies can not make good wives. Most of these them are educated and traditional when it comes to creating families and marriage.


Long-term dater.  This kind of ladies are very self-sufficient, ambitious and have high expectations and demands. They are looking for someone who is successful, educated and is worthy their attention. But in fact they are interested more in spending good time rather than having long-term and serious relationship, that will lead to the marriage. Mostly these women have very open, sociable and friendly personality, they are very beautiful, charming and look glamorous. You will find them really interesting to talk to. They sincerely get to know you, invite your for a visit, take good care of your during your visit, being great guides and showing you things around. You will have nice time, but most likely will not be able to build marriage oriented relationship. It is not because these girls are not light-minded or unserious, it is because they are not ready to settle down, yet.


Looking for Russian women for marriage, always communicate openly and discuss what is really important for you and your lady. This is the best way to avoid disappointments and time wasting. 

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