Creating Breakthrough Products

Sep 5


Liam Alexander

Liam Alexander

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The key ingredient to Creating Innovative Products is passion. But all too often this passion is hard to find.

The key ingredient to Creating Breakthrough Products is passion. But all too often this passion is hard to find.There are two key things to understand here.The first is that the passion often doesn’t come until after you start investing your time,Creating Breakthrough Products Articles thought, emotion and ego. If you are waiting for great enthusiasm to strike you like a bolt of lightning out of nowhere you could be waiting a very long time.You need to get involved first. Passion and enthusiasm are often things that grow from something small to something much bigger. As you invest more and more of your time, emotion and ego into a product, you develop opinions about the best and worst ways to do something.Then it becomes a lot like explaining something to a friend who comes to you for advice. You want to help them and impart your knowledge. You also like to show and display your knowledge.When you think about it there are a lot of things you can give advice and help on. You might not be passionate about these things, but you are eager to help a friend with them, enjoy doing so and feel good about it.How many times have you advised a friend about something? Was it always about something you were passionate about? On those times you weren’t passionate about the subject, did you still feel motivated and eager to help?Solving a problemCreating breakthrough products and/or marketing is the same. It is all about one thing: solving a problem for somebody. And it is solving the problem that generates the passion (and of course the money).A great thing to do is to get involved in the forums of your niche. You’ll start to see it less as a market and more as individuals who need help with something.This is the second thing to understand about finding enthusiasm. Understanding the emotional benefit your product brings your customers rather than seeing it just as a ‘widget’ to be sold.Oh and of course it doesn’t hurt to choose a subject you have at least a little bit of interest in to start with. Great enthusiasm will grow more easily from a spark that’s already there.If you can, find a niche you have some kind of connection to or existing interest in. The larger the better but it doesn’t matter if it is a small connection. That connection can be something you have a small interest in yourself. Or an interest you have a in a related subject.Get to know some of the people in the niche. You need to connect with your niche and understand what solving their problems and bringing them results means to them.So talk to individuals in that niche. Discover stories (emotional journeys) that people have had.Find a USP. Find something unique you can offer the niche.It’s a great feeling knowing you can deliver something extra and unique to your customers. Having something significant to contribute will feed your enthusiasm and motivation greatly.Motivation and interest will come, and they lead to passion and then creating breakthrough products.