How to turn your information products into audio books

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If you write an informative blog or Ebooks, or even if you have just been thinking about creating a business selling information products you should consider the possibilities creating audio books.

It is true that audio books may not be suitable for all subjects. For example,Guest Posting an Ebook on car maintenance will probably have photographs, diagrams or other information that simply will not work in audio format.However, there are many subjects that will translate well into audio format and these can hold many advantages over conventional Ebooks. Possibly the chief advantage of audio information products is that people can listen to your guidance and advice on the go.A 50 page Ebook will require that the reader sits at their computer or studies a printed version to glean the information you offer. The beauty of digital audio is that it can quickly be transferred to an MP3 player or CD so your customer can listen to it in the car, while jogging or wherever they choose.If you have already written Ebooks or a series of articles on a particular subject then most of your job may already be done. If it works in audio format then all you will need to do is invest in a quality microphone. There are plenty of these available for under $100. Free audio editing software such as Audacity should be sufficient for your needs.If you haven't put your information down on paper yet, try to write in a conversational tone. After every few paragraphs read what you have written back to yourself aloud and see how it sounds. Tweak your content until it sound right. If you have writing experience you will probably find that it sounds well on audio as good writing usually also sounds good when it is read aloud.If you are reading from an Ebook you have already written you may well have to tweak it a little here and there. It may also be a good idea to split it into shorter chapters of roughly half an hour. The listener may lose concentration and lose track of your message otherwise.Do not rush it. If you are teaching or instructing your listener will need time to digest the information. As with Ebooks it is a good idea to present information in easy to digest points. Be sure to leave pauses between these, and longer pauses for particularly tricky concepts.Record in 10 minute segments and listen to what you have done, making notes on where it can be improved. If necessary, re-record.If you are new to this the sound of your own voice played back to you can be a bit disconcerting. Don't worry, it is the same for everybody. If you are really concerned about the sound of your voice you could consider finding someone else to do the reading for you.

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