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Yellow sapphire considered as most precious gemstone in the world. People wear this stone for good luck, happiness and success in educational career. 

Yellow sapphire is one of the very most majestic gemstones of the global world that represent purity,Guest Posting royalty, and good luck. With the unique quality this second priciest gemstone is known as to be auspicious in many fabulous values. In the marvelous record of the gemstones, Yellow sapphire always fascinated the mankind using its ravishing appearance and mystic life-changing ability.

Physical properties of Yellow Sapphire

Sapphires can be purchased in many colors like pink, blue Yellow & green and many more among them that one symbolizes the lavishness and purity. This gemstone also called Pukhraj in opulence in India and Sri-Lanka in addition to Madagascar and Tanzania. However, it can be artificially made in laboratories and it is less costly than the type stones.

Yellow sapphire is a number of nutrient corundum and made up of aluminium oxide (Al2O3). Yellow sapphire has a particular gravity of 3.99, suggest refractive index (RI) 1.765 and hardness of 9 on Mohs level.

Identification of natural Yellow Sapphire gemstone

  • Yellow Sapphire won't change its color if held in milk for Complete.
  • It when placed over a white fabric and subjected to the sun, provides Yellow hue to the real point where light is shown.
  • It can treat the poisonous insect bites when rubbed on the afflicted spot.

Yellow Sapphire Astrology

Yellow sapphire is intended for the earth Jupiter which is the largest world of the solar system and indicates knowledge and idea. The peculiarity is possessed by the gemstone of the local world. Jupiter is the 5th globe from the emits and sunlight Yellow light which is the colour of its gemstone. It represents wealth also, justice, religion, children, and pilgrimage etc. Jupiter is god, the father of two zodiac signs or symptoms Sagittarius and Pisces specifically.

Great things about Yellow Sapphire

It brings position, wealth, success and esteem to the main one who would wear it.

Protects from the bad spirit.

Take away the delay in the marriage of a female and helps in getting a suitable match.

Creates auspicious timing for higher educational.

It treatments chronic diseases clinically, liver organ excess weight and illnesses related issues.

Helps childless lovers, specifically ladies in conceiving children.

Who can wear Yellow Sapphire?

People in top level important careers like administrative, judicial and management.

People in education sector like educators and scholars etc.

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