How to Find the Right Lapis Lazuli Stone for You?

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Lapis Lazuli is a powerful healing crystal which enhances intellectual ability, stimulates wisdom and gives a good sense of judgement. It stimulates the desire for truth, knowledge and understanding and  makes an excellent stone for journalists, psychologists, historians and judges.

Lapis Lazuli is an ancient gems which contains three minerals in varying amounts: lazurite,Guest Posting calcite and pyrite. Its beautiful midnight blue color has a timeless appeal and has been used since ancient times as a symbol of royalty, honour, truth and wisdom. The name Lapis lazuli is derived from Latin for "blue stone" and has been treasured as a gemstone as well as for other uses since times immemorial. Ancient Egyptians used lapis powder in cosmetics and medieval builders used it in mosaics to adorn cathedrals.

The most valued Lapis contains no or little pyrite, no calcite and is an intense, uniform medium-dark blue. Such a lapis is known as Afghan in trade. Afghanistan is the major source of the finest quality lapis lazuli. Russian or Siberian Lapis occurs in various tones and intensities of blue, contains pyrite and some calcite, lapis from Chile is often spotted with green and has obvious calcite.

Today, market is flooded with treated and imitation stones and one should be careful while buying it. Dyeing is a common lapis treatment which improves color and conceals calcite inclusions. The dye can come off when rubbed with acetone (nail polish remover). Because of its desirability and value, its imitations are also nearly as old as lapis itself. One popular imitation is Gilson Imitation Lapis. The imitation usually is more porous, has an even dark color, dull lustre and pyrite, if present is evenly distributed unlike natural lapis.

Healing and Astrological Benefits

Lapis is a prominent third eye chakra stone and brings spiritual growth and enlightenment. It enhances intuitive and visionary abilities and sets free one's imagination and creativity, which makes it an excellent choice for inventors, writers and seekers of truth. The blue vibrations of this tranquil stone helps one to develop deep conviction and faith, gives clarity of thought and enables a person to understand his own spiritual nature.

It is also an excellent throat chakra stone which is our communication centre. Often we lack the courage to be honest and speak the truth which clogs the throat chakra. Also known as the truth stone, Lapis assists in confrontations and inspires one to speak the truth. When Lapis beads are worn around the neck, it reveals inner truth, encourages self-awareness and enables a person to speak his heart out.

The ruling planet for lapis lazuli is Saturn- the embodiment of kindly abundance, prosperity, righteousness, fairness and good judgement. It is beneficial for people who are  very aggressive and prone to judgement errors and also helps to overcome fear of failure and insecurities.

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