How You Can Move to Magento in A Tick

Jul 4


Martin Wann

Martin Wann

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You change your shopping cart and you don’t know how to move its data? It takes a lot of time and money to migrate your data from one cart to another? New solution has been found to make your migration to Magento easier and faster!

As all of us know e-commerce develops swiftly. As business expands the online shop owners can deal with the need of changing the shopping cart. In numerous cases people change their shopping cart to Magento cart as it is said to be probably the most suitable platform for the purposes of widening one’s online store. It is regarded as to have a lot of benefits. Among all those that tempt people into moving to Magento are that the platform is open source and cost-free, How You Can Move to Magento in A Tick Articles offers shipping to multiple address and comparison of products. These and loads of other functions explain why Magento is used by around 100000 people and why you are also pondering about migrating to it.

It may take a lot of time and money to transfer all goods, customers and orders. For this purpose the on-line service Cart2Cart was created. It allows you to transfer all data that you need to various shopping carts. So, in case you made a decision to change your present cart to Magento shopping cart, Cart2Cart service is all that you need to make the migration simpler.

All you need is to register your account, log in, select a present source cart as well as a target  cart providing the URLs to online shops. The following stage is to select the entities that must be moved to Magento, assign the currencies and order statuses on current cart to new cart. One more click and the migration started.

Cart2Cart service supports migration of products (together with details, attributes, variants), categories, clients (info, delivery and billing address), orders and their statuses. And more: currencies, manufacturers and taxes. It enables you to move all above-mentioned entities to Magento shopping cart from an previous cart in a couple of  minutes. The price of migrating  data depends on the quantity of products, clients, orders, etc. But using this service certainly will be much cheaper than doing all those actions yourself or hiring a specialist.

Cart2Cart offers highly qualified support of all their customers. If the store owners have some hitch the engineers will help to transfer all data from an old cart to a new shopping cart. If your source cart is somehow customized (e.g. by additional fields or modified code) all data can be safely migrated to Magento. The only thing you should do is to request the customization service.

Cart2Cart enables you to transfer the data to Magento from above 40 various shopping carts. This migration service is very valuable to shop owners all over the globe. It functions rapidly and cheaply without getting you involved in the procedure. Magento platform is considered to become the best solution for establishing web business, and Cart2Cart is the most effective solution for transferring your data to Magento!