Migration to PrestaShop? No Problems!

Jul 26


Martin Wann

Martin Wann

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In this post you will learn about the reasons and ways of migration to PrestaShop. You will also get to know about the means of making the process of migration quick and simple by using online service Cart2Cart.

If you wish to achieve success in today’s world, Migration to PrestaShop? No Problems! Articles one of the important  is flexibility and continuous advancement. The moment you quit evolving you discontinue the development. This rule could be of particular use for those working with technology, like e-store owners. The development is rushing forward and sometimes one might have hard time keeping pace with it. The wish for improvement and optimisation is leading e-shop owners to changing the platforms, i.e. migration, though the volume of work that's required to be completed could be scaring them away.
PrestaShop-An Ideal Choice
Why would anyone want to migrate to PrestaShop from some other platform? What’s so specific about it? And, most importanty, how to make this process the least troublesome? These would be the difficulties to talk about in this post.
The beneficial capabilities of PrestaShop that urge people to migrate are its flexibility in supplying a shop owner with everything necessary for the shop, whether big or little. Apart from that, the platform allows altering the theme of the site without affecting the structure. What is very important, the security is one of the top priorities for PrestaShop builders. They make sure that your site is protected from hackers or any harmful software program. In case you’d like to make your website visible in search engines as quickly as possible, PrestaShop offers a variety of built-in SEO features assisting to achieve this purpose.
PrestaShop Migration: Means and Ways
So, you’re positive in regards to the desire to migrate to PrestaShop. Here’s what you may do:
1) put your website under maintenance and transfer all the data manually. The amount of time needed depends on your own capabilities and endurance as well as on the volume of files to be migrated, but this manner is totally free. You have to consider one issue before beginning this process: a lengthy period of migration, when your online business is at a halt, may bring irreversible damage for the store, which will require long to recover.
2) this alternative consists in employing automated web service Cart2Cart, specialising in migrating e-Shops from one platform to another and supports 36+ most popular platforms. In case you opt for the service, the migration will be completed real quick. The time required depends on the volume of data within your source store.
Enjoy the Migration with Cart2Cart
The migration scenario is quite uncomplicated. There is, however, some important preparatory work to complete before the process may be initiated.
First of all, for the sake of safety, it is required that all info ought to be backed up using external memory storage, like USB flash drive or hard drive. Secondly, you need to make sure that the target store platform is installed and operating and you've got all required web hosting data both for target and source stores at your disposal (like URLs, usernames, passwords). If your store happens to possess non standardl configuration settings, you can make use of Customized Migration Service. It is also possible to estimate the price of migration prior to the starting, so you’ll know how much money is needed.
Once you’re done with preparations, you may move over to the migration itself. To commence the process, you must go to Cart2Cart web page and register an account. For those people who are still apprehensive about the whole issue, demo migration can be performed with limited number of goods moved, showing how it works. Then, if you’re satisfied with the outcome, the full migration can be started. The Shopping Cart Migration Wizard will direct you through the process. Immediately after completion, testing the site will follow up to make sure the migration was completed successfully. And - voilà! Welcome to the new PrestaShop e-store!
If you’ve made up your mind, go ahead and start transforming your business. There’s extra information about PrestaShop migration at http://www.shopping-cart-migration.com. Lead your business to the top and don’t be afraid of the changes!

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