Computer Games in the Child’s Life

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Computer games are very popular among youngsters and even grown-ups. This article is about the influence of computer games on a person, both good and bad. The reality of the virtual world is revealed in this article.

The children are no more playing their outdoor games after classes. In our era of headlong technology why should they bother to go out and play in the commonplace playground near their house or school? They have a far better option to take. Coming home they turn on their PC and transform into a super hero who can kill the disgusting monsters with a single click of their mouse and consider themselves to be real champions.  Is such an alternative for better or worse? The answer is really baffling.

The parents of computer games fans know quite well what it takes to tear their children away from computer screens.  The coming up of a new video game outshines any other event in a child’s life. They will forget about their mother’s birthday,Guest Posting important Math test, but will always remember the name of the hero I their favourite game.  They are likely to order a custom research paper instead of writing it themselves and devote all their spare time killing the virtual monsters. Maybe if I had to write my political essay, the writing service would be just a timely help. But only on condition I had no time for completing it myself. The teenager’s life in a virtual world swiftly merges   and mixes up with the reality. Computer becomes a sort of a drug for youth.  Addiction is momentary.  The psychologists have underlined the harmful affect of computer video games over and over again. The research has already shown that virtual games transform the children’s consciousness and they tend to live in an imaginary rather than real world. Moreover, in this virtual reality they have a chance to be what they want to. But what they are not.  Acting as a hero they have attractive appearance, possess super capabilities, accomplish glorious feats and finally save the universe. If a child dips into this virtual life, it proves that he lacks those things in his real life. It would be unfair to mention only negative influences of the games on the child’s development and psychological state.  We should not forget that games help the children to distinguish between the right and wrong, stay focused, think logically and react quickly. My greatest apprehension about the video game is that it has too much violence. Killing or torturing can not be regarded as an act of justice or display of courage. Based on violence games form aggressive life attitude and becoming an adult a child may play his” killing game” in real world. I found an interesting article “CHILDREN, LITERACY, AND THE COMPUTER” that highlights   the main risks the computer has for our development. Read it and see what we lose using the computer too often.  The thing that irritates me most is that once in a while our government uses video games to persuade young people to join the Marine Corps or the air force. The concept of measure is especially important in relation to games. Playing friendly and thought simulating game an hour a day will not harm you. But the point is that you get addicted too fast and you no more can control how much time you spend with your computer.

I will never understand these kids who prefer sitting at their computer day and night, spying over some virtual freak instead of spending their day out of doors, breathing in  real fresh air, experiencing real life emotions, having fun with real friends  and in general living the real life to the fullest.

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