Difference Between Software Developer & Web Developer

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This describes both profiles web developer and software developer. It talks about key points such as its Ability, Architecture, Development Platform, Average Salary, Programming Languages, etc.

In the digital world,Guest Posting you might have come across terms like ‘web developer’ and ‘software developer’. Many newbies in coding even believe that they’re the same thing. But if you possess a passion to learn & apply code and willing to pursue your career as a developer, it is important to understand the differences between these two closely related professions.

In this article, you will learn in-depth about the similarities and differences between both job titles.

Who is a Software Developer?
Software developers are professionals responsible for conceptualizing, creating, programming, documenting, testing, application modernization, integration, upgradation, software maintenance and more. They build software that runs across different types of computer and mobile devices by writing code from scratch.

Job Responsibilities
Here is a list of the significant roles and responsibilities of the software development professional:

  • Review the current working system of the client if there is any and in case of new system development, review the requirements document.
  • Present idea for improving the current working system.
  • Identify challenges in existing programs, OS or applications.
  • Prepare end-to-end documentation for new apps and system design
  • Work closely with business analysts, designers, clients, developers and other staff.
  • Prepare training manuals to be used by application users
  • Effective testing for consistent functionality and efficiency of software
  • Integration of existing systems with new software

Who is a Web Developer?
Web developersThey are IT professionals responsible to design and develop web apps and interactive websites. Their job includes working on the user interface, website’s functionality/appearance, back-end and even how it collects and processes data. Web developers build the backbone of any website.

Job Responsibilities

  • Connect with business leaders (clients) to understand web design projects requirements
  • Create web design
  • Builds website and host it on a web server
  • Write code in various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, XML and JavaScript.
  • Create and test applications for websites
  • Work closely with the web design team and provide required inputs to make the website functional.
  • To simplify the process of transferring data between the browser and server.
  • Responsible for framework, API integration, server-side functions, and business logic of any website creation.
  • Monitor website traffic and performance
  • Maintain and update websites

Now, let’s understand the difference between a software developer and a web developer through various factors.


Software Developer

Web Developer


Possess skills to develop website and web applications

Builds any kind of software as per the need of an organization or client


Software Developers focus on client-based systems to provide relevant solutions to clients.

Web Developers creates and works on the development of the client-server system


In software development, an application developed is compatible across different OS platforms

In web development, an application is developed to work flawlessly across different browsers


Developed software may or may not require to be hosted

Web Application needs to get hosted via internet or intranet.

Programming Languages

Languages used are C#, C++, Java, Python, Golan, and more.

Languages used are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node, and other web development tools and frameworks  

Average Salary                 

The average salary for a Software Developer in India is 501,667 INR annually.

The average salary for a Web Developer in India is 309,228 INR annually.

Further Steps
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