How to Become a Medical Doctor in India

Jun 14


Zak Kaanch

Zak Kaanch

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The article outlines the state of medical affairs in India today and describes how to become a medical doctor in India in simple 4 steps.


According to the latest report of WHO more than 5 lakh of medical doctors vacancies are opened in India. Doctor to patient ratio in India is 1:1674 currently though the World Health Organization recommends at least 1:1000.

The immediate need for physicians is not the only reason why more and more students decide to acquire this profession. Additional motivations include job security,How to Become a Medical Doctor in India Articles high income, personal calling and the ability to assist the suffering ones directly.

There are several opportunities to try for a qualified medical doctor:

  • practice in a private clinic
  • work in a government hospital
  • relocate overseas for a better chance

As for a starting salary of medical doctor in India, a junior specialist can expect as much as Rs 5lakh annually. An experienced doctor would earn at least 6 times more.

Anyway, this career path is a long-term commitment and requires considerable effort. So the one who wants to study medicine should check twice before starting. Below are the major steps leading to becoming a medical doctor in India.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Get eligible and prepared. Actually you should start preparations for the medical entrance exam after you graduate from class X while studying 10+2. Secure minimum 60% marks in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. You should attempt the previous year’s test papers and be aware of the syllabus and exam patterns.
  2. Pass the entrance exam. CBSE conducts the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test to select candidates for admission in 400+ Indian medical colleges. Also some states, medical institutes and autonomous organizations conduct their own medical entrance tests. To secure admission into Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) you must clear one of the mentioned medical entrance tests. Be aware of the very tough competition (12lakh candidates for around 56k seats).
  3. Earn an MBBS degree. The duration of the MBBS course is 4,5 years. After completing the course, you must finish up your internship which would take 1 more year. The course covers human anatomy, biochemistry, general medicine, general surgery, pathology, and orthopaedics. The internship includes practical training guided by experienced physicians both at the inpatient and outpatient departments.
  4. Start your medical career or pursue your education. After MBBS and internship you can start your medical career as an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine). Alternatively you can pursue your post graduate education by selecting a specialization (like cardiology, neurosurgery or orthopaedics to name a few). The post graduation course will take three years and honor the attendee with an M.S. (Master of Surgery) degree.


A career in medicine is certainly not for everyone because getting into medical school in India requires a huge effort, and even after you graduate still there is a lot of training to complete. But in case the medical doctor profession is right for you, now you see what the full path looks like.

The postgraduate course is not the end of your education, some diploma courses are also available, which would take two more years to complete. So after graduation, you can continue your education in case you choose a narrow specialization.