Important Tips on How to Learn to Speak Chinese

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The article discusses important tips on how you can learn to speak the Chinese language. There are general and specific tips provided in the article.

Online,Guest Posting you will find many tips on how learn to speak Chinese. This article will provide you with general and specific tips on learning the Chinese language efficiently.

Here are the general tips in learning the language.

First, you have to find a language buddy. In this way, you may practice what you have learned so far on a regular basis. You must not underestimate the benefits of having a language buddy. It would be best if you can find a Chinese-speaking language buddy, but any language buddy, provided that his or her native tongue is different from yours, will do. The goal of this is to avoid falling back to your mother tongue in case you find difficulty conversing in Chinese. You will not learn the Chinese language if you keep on falling back to the language that you are most familiar with.

Second, you have to embrace everything Chinese. For instance, you have tolisten to Chinese songs, watch Chinese movies and television shows, read Chinese comics or books and the like. When you do this, aside from learning the Chinese language, you will also learn the Chinese culture in general. These activities will also allow to get used to the Chinese accent, which is very unique, by the way. Who knows when you will come across a useful Chinese slang also? Exhaust all the possibility on which you may improve the process on how to learn to speak Chinese if you must.

Here are the specific tips in learning the Chinese language.

First, you have to familiarize yourself with the Chinese characters. You need to know these characters by heart. For example, ‘ni’ literally means ‘you’. This is what we call hanyu pinyin of the Chinese characters or simply the transcribed equivalent of the Chinese characters. Hanyu pinyin can thus help the person who wants to learn to speak Chinese get acquainted with the actual meaning of the Chinese characters.

Second, you have to know the Chinese characters by heart. For instance, there are different intonations for ‘ni’, and ‘you’ is one of the four different meanings of this Chinese character.
Third, you have to discern sentence structure. The premise is that you cannot necessarily translate a Chinese sentence character by character or word by word. For instance, ‘nihao ma?’ means ‘how are you?’ in English. Take note of the difference in placement of the Chinese word ‘ni’ with the English word ‘you’.

Fourth, you have to acquaint yourself with the Chinese culture. You may not necessarily appreciate the Chinese language no matter how much effort you exert on how to learn to speak Chinese if you do not understand the culture.

Fifth, you need to speak with the Chinese people. Your grasp of the Chinese language will be best tested once you talk to an authentic Chinese-speaking individual. You may practice Chinese, and you will also get some corrections for the mistake that you have to gladly accept.

Listed here are the general and specific tips on how to learn the Chinese language effectively. Follow these tips and you will definitely become fluent in speaking it eventually. Remember that you have to power to take your level of Chinese language to where you want that learning level to be. 

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