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Many adventurous individuals who need  windproof lighter have gravitated toward the many butane torch types on the market. These lighters do provide excellent and reliable service under adverse conditions. The flame can be directed, even when the lighter is inverted, which makes them useful for starting campfires and other tasks.

These lighters are powered by gaseous butane which is aerosolized by the jet when the fuel release mechanism is tripped. This fuel is generally safe but one needs to make certain they follow basic safety precautions when carrying it around on a camping,Guest Posting fishing or hunting trip.

First and foremost, the butane must be kept away from high heat conditions. The canister will give the range of safe temperatures. Exceeding these temperatures by either storing the canister in an environment which is too hot or too cold can result in the canister rupturing. This, of course, will result in a cloud of butane being released. While the butane is liquid while in the can, this is entirely dependent upon the pressure in that environment. Absent this pressure, it quickly becomes a gas and, if open flame is nearby, can cause an explosion.

While butane which has been released from a can will not explode in the proper sense, it will create a fireball that is enough to cause severe burns. The valve on the tank can release the fuel if a wire or other device is used to trip the mechanism. This is far too tempting a thing to trust to children and there are ample opportunities for them to injure themselves with one of these gas canisters. Treat these canisters with no less seriousness than one would treat any other flammable fuel. They may be sold in the household goods section but they are dangerous if mistreated.

Some lighters, such as the many well-known Zippo pipe lighter designs, use liquid-fuel. This fuel is not as vulnerable to temperature changes as is butane but also requires that it be stored safely. The principal danger with liquid fuel is presented in the form of spills. This fuel not only presents a fire hazard, it will ruin finished and painted surfaces, in many cases. Always make certain that there is no way that children can access lighter fuel of any type. While it's safe enough when handled by adults, it presents a very real hazard to children.

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