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At the base of leaves is a subtle opening called stomata. It is like a breathing apparatus and works like a kitchen. This stomata pulls within it self, air and carbon dioxide from sun light. The roots take in water and transport it to the leaves. Along with sun light and cholorophyll carbondioxide makes carbohydrates. This process takes place in the mesophyll area of leaves.

In Indian Philosophy sun has been given utmost importance. At the time of creation of the world the sun was first created hence it is called ‘Aditya’. From it first Manu or human consciousness manifested and visible nature too. Whatever is present in the world as soul,Guest Posting in it is at work sun’s vital force or Prana and light. The Vedas’ 3-fold science well known as mind, vital force and speech is nothing but a gross and subtle discussion of solar energy:


Sarvakaran bhutay nishthayaijnanachetasam.

Namo suryaswarupaya prakashatmaswarupini.

Bhaskarayanamastubhyam tatha dinakritenamaha.

………………….. MARKANDEYAPURANA 70/5-6


MEANING: O Sun God! You are steadfastness for people who are wisdom minded and are the cause of all beings. You are light in the form of sun and divine light in the form of the soul. I bow down to you who creates day.


Two points stand out when in the above lines sun is described. First the consciousness of the world is the life force and light of the sun. Secondly the entire visible nature meaning trees, plants, sea, rives and other planet/stars of the solar system are but manifestations of the sun and are mobile too because of it. The sun is the very soul of visible nature.


Super Science Gayatri in reality is the description of the sun. From it bodily, demigod based and spiritual benefits are attained which are nothing but scientific discoveries of the visible-invisible forces of the sun. The methods of research are varied. There is the method of mental meditation but beyond doubt it is scientific. The research unfolded by modern scientists proves all this to the last letter.


Specialists of Botany and Agriculture know that all the plants, trees seen on earth are there ecause of the sun’s existence. If the sun were not to exist, there would be no plants, trees etc and life would not sustain on earth. Just as a spider takes out yarn from its stomach and creates a net in the same way light manifesting from the womb of the sun creates the world too. As long as the sun exists the world too will exist. The world will end the day the sun perishes.


Ninety five percent of plant life evolves because of the sun. Science gives great importance to the process wherein light energy is converted to chemical energy. It is called photosynthesis. It seems as though earth nourishes and gives life force to plants, trees etc but this is not true. They derive only 5 % of materials meant for growing.


This has been proved beyond doubt after experiments were conducted on the hydrilla plant. Hydrilla is something like grass that grows in water. It is kept in a particular vessel. From above a test tube filled with water is kept. If this apparatus is kept in light of electricity no chemical reaction takes place. But as soon as it is kept in sun light reaction commences. The plant accepts water and on the surface of the test tube filled with water, bubbles are seen. This proves that if sun light is absent plants, trees etc cannot bloom even a wee bit. If we place a sapling in a closed box wherein sunlight does not enter it, the sapling will not grow and after becoming yellow it will wither away. But suppose it is again kept in sunlight it will start becoming green again.


This activity of photosynthesis does not only help the plant grow but that such an activity commences in the world wherein man and other creatures have the capacity to remain alive. If photosynthesis is absent man would not remain alive. The fact that sun helps plants grow and plants help mankind sustain life is very important. If it is seen at the cosmic level or it is experienced we will know that despite there being many types of life in the entire world yet the main activity is that of photosynthesis of sun light. If it were to stop life would come to a standstill on earth.


At the base of leaves lies a subtle opening called stomata. It is like a breathing apparatus and works like a kitchen. This stomata pulls within it self, air and carbon dioxide from sun light. The roots imbibe water and transport it to the leaves. Along with sun light and cholorophyll carbondioxide makes carbohydrates. This process takes place in the mesophyll area of leaves. A little of water remains and this cooked food is sent to the entire body. Thus added to the cooked food are particles of radiated sun light that render plants full of life, mobility and growth. In this chemical reaction oxygen remains behind. Leaves exhale oxygen just as human beings exhale carbon dioxide. Thus via sun light plants inhale our poisonous carbondioxide and instead create pure air for us to inhale. In thisworld we will fail to find another example of cooperation, renunciation and service of tis sort.


Although we do not experience it, the vital fore and consciousness that evolves in our body is the result of sun’s invisible light energy. These photons can be imbibed directly or indirectly via food. Photons are immersed in food, fruits, leaves and what ever we eat. In fact scientists say to this extent that as soon as coal touches fire it starts blazing as fire and the reason is that photons are present in coal. How does radiated light via sun get converted to vital electricity so as to enter man’s body? This will be detailed when we analyze air element.


Modern scientists have so far understood only the gross activities of the sun. Our mental relationship too exists with the sun and via words/sound (Mantras) it can be experienced. So far scientists have not understood this but via Indian Yoga Science many miraculous benefits can be attained.  Here a Yogi’s soul establishes a bond with sun’s imperishable energy and can utilize this energy as per ones whims and fancy. Gayatri attainment unfolds this mystery. The word Prani or living being comes from the word Prana or vital force. That which has Prana is called Prani and it could be human, animal etc. Prana has an independent existence which is separate from senses, mind etc. What ever is seen in this world is a creation of Prana. Hence it is said:


Sa pranamsrijat pranacchraddham kham vayu jyotirupaha prithivindriyaha manonnam.



MEANING: God created vital force. From Prana were created faith, intellect, space, air, light, water, earth, senses, mind and food.


In order to understand deeply this elucidation of scriptural seers Yogic practice techniques have evolved. It is for experiencing Prana/vital force that many types of Yoga came into being. In ancient times citizens of this country (India) had in a sense ‘monopolized’ Prana principle. Hence Indians were the world’s most powerful race. Knowledge and science were ours for keeps. It was nothing but the miracle of this energy.                 


Vivekanand called Prana ‘latent heat’ or ‘psychic force’. It means Prana is that energy which imbibes consciousness. Prana word comes from ‘Pra’ and ‘Ana’ which means life force or consciousness. Hence the word Prana is used for conscious energy.


This Prana is a gift of sun meaning all creatures of the world have imbibed sun’s radiance. All consciousness belongs to the sun because this Prana comes from the sun.

Upanishads say:


Yathagneha kshadrasfullinga vyuchcharantyeva mevaspadatmanaha sarvapranaha.



MEANING: Just as small aparks emanate from fire in the same way all vital forces emanate from the soul.


While depicting the soul scriptural scholars say:


Yau asau aditya purushaha so asauaham.

………………… YAJURVEDA 40/17


MEANING: I am that Purusha (God) which dwells in the sun.


Surya atma jagataha tasthusha cha.

…………………………. RIGAVEDA 1/125/1


Sun is the soul of this entire world. All this means that like sparks of blazing fire Prana manifests from the solar world. In turn via the medium of trees, plants, rivers, sea and atmosphere, it moves and appears as various living beings of the world. Thus we say that whatever consciousness exists is but one soul i.e. sun or Savita. Its vital force (in sun light all 3 exist i.e. electricity, heat and mobility. These are characteristics of Prana too and hence there is no difference between sun light and Prana) that manifests as light helps sustain and manifest life on earth. Instead of limiting our lives to gross mundane activities, sense pleasures and other materials if we had only searched for this Prana spark, definitely we would ave attained and experienced sun’s gigantic soul in the same way as our Yogis, men/women of penance and devotees attain it via Gayatri worship meditation.     












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