The Prison Service Selection Process

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This article contains information about the prison service selection process and provides an interesting read for anyone looking for a career change and thinking about joining the prison service.

Working in a prison service is not a very easy job to do. It is one of the most unusual career choices and at the same time it is extremely challenging and rewarding. Everyday work is not the same and you will be challenged to bring out the best in people.

If you are hunting for better career choice then you can consider joining prison service. Apart form being a prison officer,Guest Posting there are many other prison services, such as, psychologist, healthcare personnel, chaplaincy, and industrial professionals. Prison services offer a wide variety of work and it is not restricted to only being prison officer. The selection process for each post is not the same and it will differ as per requirement and eligibility.

The selection process for a prison officer requires you to fill out an application form along with a skill assessment form. The skill assessment form is important as it sets certain criteria that have to be fulfilled by the applicant.

If the applicant has a background or work experience in the army or has been a security officer then it is an added advantage during the selection process. The skill assessment form consists of several scenario based questions.

These questions test the applicant's approach towards the given scenario. The applicant has to describe what he or she would have done in those situations and why did they do so. It tests them on moral grounds too.

After the application form is submitted, it is forwarded to the stage where they are sifted. The sift stage happens during the last week before the application date ends. The sift panel has two members who perform the sifting in a structured method. All the applications are checked for minimum eligibility requirement.

If the applicant has given an assessment test then the information provided by the applicant is evaluated too. Applicants who meet the necessary requirements are called to take the Prison Officer Selection test.

The Prison Officer Selection test consists of language and numerical. It is not necessary for the applicant to be knowledgeable with any prison work. Once the applicant passes the test he or she is called to attend the Job Simulation Assessment Center.

This is the next stage of the selection process. In case the applicant does not pass in this test then they will be notified and requested for a feedback. The advantage of prison service is that in case the applicant does not pass the test they are allowed to enroll again after six months.

The Job Simulation Assessment Center tests the applicant's interpersonal skills that are required for the prison officer's role. In this test, the applicant will have to take part in four role play simulations. Each role play lasts for 10 minutes, they are mock role plays but these are real situations that are faced by prison officers. The final tests that follow are medical and physical fitness tests.

The applicant must be reasonable fit as prison officials are required to be in good health and have a good fitness level. The appointment stage is the final stage where the applicant is hired to the prison service.

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