To 3 Leadership Blunders and their Solutions

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For many, be smart and take attitude control can be the perfect place to be a profile leader , however, this goes beyond knowing guide a team or bear most of the responsibility.

Having life a leader can be overwhelming,Guest Posting consuming too much time in the office, leaves a long list of pending and need to have it twice as much energy to tackle each of the decisions taken at this, thousands of leaders get sidetracked from their goals , falling into errors that can harm him and his organization .

In this regard, the worst mistakes you can make executive leaders, considered the "blunders" of a leader, what the penance that meet is and what are the keys need to take to amend these corporate failures.

  1. Get away from the market:

 For leadership expert, one of the major blunders that can make a leader is away from what made them successful "When companies consolidate in the market too fast, can get away from it al. see that the procedure is very simple for them, in this way, the first blunder you can commit a leader is not sensitive to changes of customers, the market and the lack of skills to identify new competitors. " leaders can be very intelligent, however, lose feeling they had in early to understand the market as it should be, can actually damage your business.

Penance: When the results are better than expected or that the results be obtained in a shorter period, can cause loss of interest in the market itself, does not mean they are not interested in your business, but fail to pay attention on those tasks that concern them to see that they can be resolved in a simpler way. According to the expert, lose interest in simple tasks can harm the results of greater importance, causing a drop in production and even in the quality of service and product. Remember that if a task becomes simple, does not mean that is one less worry; it will be easier to do it.

Key to solution: Upgrading continuously can Dissertation help leaders to maintain a constant preparation requires them new challenges in their businesses. If you missed the course of the road, hire specialized external help can help leaders see new horizons or improve the existing one.

  1. Stay in a centralized model:

 According to business gurus, not all businesses need a single profile leader; there are companies that are handled by controller’s methods and those that handle profiles paternalistic leaders. However, the problem is to keep a single profile all the time. "There are companies with large economic and financial problems who choose to have a model of conservative, centralist and authoritarian control that the circumstances so require, however, the problem with these companies is that they tend to stay under this model all his life, and the important thing is to know when you no longer need apply. "

Penance: Figure of a good leader is characterized as a person who is dependent on others to create and exercise good ideas, this makes him participatory development aid his team with one purpose: to benefit the company. When a conservative model dominates the operating method can actually damage the initiative of the working group, and their participation in decision-making, this can prove to be detrimental to the company, because instead of having employees who push growth, there are collaborators segregated with lack of ideas and proposals.

Key to their solution: Analyze what kind of leader you need in each of the areas of your company is important for proper operation. It is important to remember that each area has its demands and that each leader fits into them.

  1. Do not listen to his people:

 "Many leaders tend not to be sensitive to listen to your people; these characters do not seek the opinion of his team when providing all the necessary information to make decisions, including, within the team itself, which is where the intelligence that help companies cope it is already solutions.

Penance: When the leader refuses to listen to your team, it is safer not to reach the objectives. The consequences of not instill a group participation is to have a team that works autonomously and fragmented, so the results are the same: autonomous and fragmented. "This happens when the leader believes he has the final say in solving the problems, these characters believe anyone, only they have a valid solution.

Key to solution: The best way to combat this evil is risking. If you are still people who think they can just all, you must understand that your team is essential if you reach your goals, do not despise the new trends in HR, take a chance to test them.


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