The Secret to Building a List of Happy and Attentive Subscribers

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This article identifies the one key thing you must address to build a responsive email list. It recommends an approach at odds with traditional thinking.

"The money is in the list!" - It’s something we hear all the time. And believe me that statement still holds truth. But only if you're building your list the right way.

The traditional way of building a list is to offer subscribers a report or ebook containing rehashed rubbish and then pound them mercilessly with affiliate offers from a preloaded autoresponder sequence until they unsubscribe. So long as you can press gang enough new subscribers to counter the rate of your unsubscriptions then your list will grow.

I don't know about you,Guest Posting but that doesn't sound like a sensible strategy for developing a profitable business to me?

Perish the thought that it might be possible to grow a list that subscribers want to be part of. Where subscribers actually look forward to receiving emails from you.

Am I wearing a pair of rose coloured spectacles or residing in a place called Utopia? Absolutely not!

The ideal list is perfectly achievable and easier to build than you might at first think.

The secret to building a list of happy and attentive subscribers is contained within an expression used by my coach and mentor Alex Jeffreys who says - "Don't chase the money let the money chase you!"

Let me explain.

The usual marketing approach is to approach every new business relationship with money in mind. What Alex says is you should approach every new relationship with the objective of delivering that person as much value as possible. If you can achieve that then the natural outcome is for that person to want to give you money - the money will be chasing you.

So build your listby offering as much value as you possible can free of charge. Absolutely blow their socks off. And not just at the point of opt-in. Continue offering them value on a regular basis. Build that relationship first before you begin selling.

No I'm not saying you shouldn't sell to your list. If you don't sell to your list it holds no value to you now does it? What I'm saying is the number of value messages should far outweigh the number of selling messages by a ration of at least 3:1.

Achieve that and you'll truly have a highly responsive list of happy and contented subscribers - A list that can generate you a good income for years to come if you take the correct steps...

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