Why Using a Proven Squeeze Page Template is Your Best Choice For More Traffic

Jul 25


Robert Gillespie

Robert Gillespie

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Can you save money by designing your own squeeze page? Yes. But do you realize that by doing so, you will be shooting yourself in the foot? For just a little money you can buy squeeze page templates that are pre-tested and proven to convert and build your targeted email lists rapidly.


The usual Internet customer can be a slippery fish. Potential customers who are surfing the web, Why Using a Proven Squeeze Page Template is Your Best Choice For More Traffic Articles searching for products to buy commonly will remain on your web site for just a few seconds. As an Internet marketer, your job, at this juncture, is only to grab their first name and email address for list building purposes. As your email list expands it will increasingly become the mightiest tool in your bag of tricks.

Every squeeze page ought to offer some type of free gift as a lure to induce your visitor to give out his or her email address. If you are a customer of aweber.com, or a like service, the email address given on your squeeze page will be directly captured for your use in future mailings. The kind of gift you offer is very important. You want the gift to be appropriate to the same market niche as your primary merchandise. That way, the only emails you will be getting will be laser-targeted leads. You are sure, when you are mailing to these visitors that they are far more likely to want your merchandise than the rest of individuals surfing the web. These are the only kind of leads you want to concern yourself with.

I imagine you can understand that a significant list of up-to-date, highly-targeted leads is a marketing asset of the highest value. The more sizeable your list, the more sales. The more sales, the more money in your bank account.

All of the above makes the design of your squeeze page very consequential. A professionally-designed squeeze page template with a proven, high conversion rate is very consequential. In the end, your squeeze page must be competently written, meaning that it has copy that literally compels visitors to enter their email addresses in the box provided so that they will be able to receive their free gift. The gift should download at once from the very next page.

In order to make this work, the gift must be perceived as “valuable,” meaning that the person obtaining it might consider buying it if it weren't being offered for free. There ought to be a directional flow from the headline, through the body copy and then to the email entry box. It helps to add red arrows pointing the way. Remember, your customer won't be with you for very long, so take advantage of every second. There’s no space for long-winded sales copy, just room for a small number of carefully-written, compelling words.

The “thank you” page that comes after the squeeze page can contain more verbiage, if you want. The email address has already been captured and all that is left for the consumer to do is click on a button to download his or her gift. The consumer can exit at any time and you still have netted the email address.

The great thing about pre-designed squeeze page templates is that they remove all need for design work and testing to observe how well they convert. This has already been done for you. You don’t need design software, graphic designers, research and development and you unquestionably do not need to squander your valuable time learning graphic design. All you have to do is type in your embed code for the video and the tracking code for your opt-in page.

Your package should feature a variety of different types of colorful and tested templates to choose from. Any template you pick out must be able to be modified and employed on multiple pages with no time limit. You ought to be able to choose from a range of high-converting colors. PSD files for the templates should be included so that you can modify the text and other features without difficulty.

In summary, a professionally-designed, proven squeeze page template is an essential link in the chain leading to Internet marketing profit. The cost is low, the benefits are huge and it requires very little struggle, time or skill on your part. Make sure you develop the very best squeeze page possible because it’s vital to your success as an Internet marketer!

Bob Gillespie

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