How to Automate the Process of Web Site Traffic Generation

Jul 25


Robert Gillespie

Robert Gillespie

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If you have been in Internet marketing more than a short while, you must realize that you cannot succeed without bringing targeted internet traffic to your web site. Do you realize that trafic generation software is available to take all the long hours and hard work out of the process?


If you have been attempting to make a living at Internet marketing,How to Automate the Process of Web Site Traffic Generation Articles you have probably tried many things and been discouraged over and over again in your desire to create job-quitting income online. You may perhaps have tried search engine optimization, keyword research, article submission, list building, list swapping, blogging, and social network marketing. You may have resorted to paid advertising including Google Adwords and other pay-per-click schemes, pay-per-view, classified and banner advertising. You may also have tried affiliate marketing and joint-venture partnerships.

The ironic thing about just about all of this is that while all of these tactics have a real prospect of making you money, they rarely end up doing so because of the almost overwhelming mountain of work, time and money they require from you just to start. There are many types of software for sale that claim to assist you in starting bringing in money right away but soon after you are utilizing them you discover that they don’t work for you. In some instances they are bold-faced scams but, more often, they give you only part of the solution and end up having hidden expenditures like registering a domain name, obtaining hosting for that domain and building the website and adding Google-pleasing content.

After all of this, you have probably had the realization that successful Internet marketing requires herding highly-targeted traffic to your site or blog and then converting that traffic into actual sales. What’s “targeted” traffic? Let me put it this way: There’s an old aphorism that says that it’s difficult to sell refrigerators to Eskimos. Wouldn’t it be more likely that you could sell a refrigerator to a woman whose old refrigerator just stopped working and whose food will go bad in a few hours? Targeted traffic is actual buyers who are searching for what you have to sell, who desire it in the moment and who are surfing the Internet with a credit card in hand. Non-targeted traffic is made up of curiosity seekers and price comparison shoppers who have only a transitory interest in what you are selling and who are probably not ready to buy anything from anybody.

You have also, no doubt, realized that targeted traffic is delivered to you by high page rankings in the search engines and that is why SEO or search engine optimization was created. The real idea of the SEO game is the fact that if you give the search engines what they require (useful, relevant, original, fresh information) they will pay you back you by positioning you high up on the pages appropriate to your keywords or keyword phrases.

Another huge factor that will provide you with high SEO rankings is the number of one-way, inbound links that exist pointing to your website or blog from other websites, particularly from what are called “authority” sites. An authority site is a website that Google, Yahoo! and Bing already consider to be a very important source of quality information and other content. The underlying idea is that if such an important site has a link pointing to your website, then your site’s information and content may also be of high quality. If you have a quantity of such links from authority (and other) sites pointing to you, then you will rise quickly in the search engine listings. Creating all these inbound links is one of the recurring tasks that can be automatic. Be watchful not to add too large a number of inbound links too rapidly as this can work against you in your SEO efforts.

The goal of SEO is to position your web site on the first or second page in each of your keyword niches. The more competition there is in a particular niche, the harder this will be to do. For example, it will be harder to come up to the apex of the keyword category “monkey wrench” than it will be to do the same thing in the :left-handed monkey wrench” section.

By now, you have realized that there can be an exhausting amount of time and effort necessary to find success in raking in money online. The good news is that there is a way around this and that way is traffic generation software. There are many kinds of programs available on the market but most of them just don't give you everything you will need to be successful as an Internet marketer. This is because they frequently automate only one, specific task leaving the rest of the labor to you.

The dream traffic generation software would be a single web page with a big red button labeled “Make Money.” While there is no such program, there are some that verge on that perfection. Look for traffic generation software that can do away with most of the recurring, boring, overwhelming kinds of tasks that may have stopped you in the past. The last thing you want is to multiply your work load by being forced to sit through hours of hard-to-follow video tutorials, reading long e-books and PDF files connected to training programs.

Remember, the whole point is to automate every task as much as possible. You also need to avoid software that forces you to put together new web sites, create your own products to sell or require technical skill like uploading scripts to hosting companies. You don’t have to be saddled with writing and submitting endless, original articles to numerous article directories. And, for sure, as a beginning marketer, you don’t want to be required to invest a large cash outlay before you have even earned your first sale.

So, stop all your strenuous labor for a minute and devote some time surfing online for the best traffic automation software you can acquire. Look for the software that most closely approaches that ideal software program with the big, red “Make Money” button and make sure it has a solid money-back guarantee. It’s out there!

Bob Gillespie

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