You Can Have Solar Electric Power For a Lot Less Than You Think

Jul 20


Robert Gillespie

Robert Gillespie

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You may have heard how expensive it can be to add solar electric power to your home but did you know there's a way to do this for much less money? If you are willing to follow some clear instructions you can build you own solar electric system for far less than you might imagine.


In 1999,You Can Have Solar Electric Power For a Lot Less Than You Think Articles I laid out over thirty thousand dollars (1999 dollars) for a solar electric system sufficient to operate my small house. It included forty, 75-watt solar panels priced at about $400 each. Today, you can construct larger, more efficient panels for less than half that (in today's dollars) if you are willing to do the assembly yourself.

You are able to do this even if you have no experience with solar electric installation. It is worth your time because not only will you be drastically reducing the initial price but you will concurrently be decreasing the “pay-back” time, meaning the time period of benefiting from free electricity required to justify the initial price.

You can fabricate a small, inexpensive system to diminish the amount of electric power you are required to procure from the electric company or a more high-priced system that will take you completely off the grid. You could even be able to sell any un-needed power back to the power utility by forcing your electric meter to run in reverse.

To accomplish this, you don't need to be a mechanical genius. You don't even have to be a handyman. All you need is proper assistance to be taught how to accomplish this efficiently and easily. You will delight in completing this and you will be rewarded in terms of pride and savings for your labor. The detailed, clear instructions you will require are now available to you at a very modest cost. Included are step-by-step videos to demonstrate to you precisely how to do it.

Employing this guide, you can easily build solar panels from sixty to one hundred twenty watts in size. The higher the individual panel wattage, the fewer panels you’ll require to accomplish the job. The guide will reveal to you where to find the panels you’ll need at the lowest possible price level. You can even find some of the items for free and the guide will show you where to look for those. 

You’ll be shown how to get the items you are required to pay for at the lowest possible prices. This benefit alone can cover the modest cost of the guide many times over. This guide includes clear, easy-to-follow directives, schematics and diagrams, everything you’ll need, right at your fingertips. You also have access to a whole library of step-by-step videos on the subject so you can see clearly exactly how to perform each step.

There are three parts to the overall guide. First, is the DIY Guide which explains the step-by-step process of making your own solar power system. It even explains where to obtain “free” solar panels. It tells you all you’ll need to know about maintaining your new solar electrical system. You’ll see all you need to know about disconnects, controllers, inverters, batteries and the like.

Second, still another DIY Guide teaches you what you’ll be required to learn when creating your own solar panels from scratch. This discusses creating the panels themselves and hooking them together to power your system. You’ll find how you can build a solar panel for as little as ninety-eight dollars, or less.

Third, The DIY Guide Bundle covers installing and mounting the panels you have constructed and wiring your solar electric system together. You'll be taught how to complete your own “energy audit” to expose your home’s major energy wasters.

A bonus guide explains how to put together your own wind turbine to charge your batteries at night or on overcast days. This will cost only about one hundred forty dollars in parts.

The most formidable barriers to converting to residential solar electric power have, in the past, been the initial cost and the “payback” time necessary to justify the investment in exchange for having free electric power. Now, you will be able to reduce the initial cost and, concurrently, greatly roll back the “payback” time you will need to justify your expenses.

Finally, if you are worried you might get stuck and want one-on-one help at any point in the job, a support forum is available to answer any questions you may have. Even though you probably won’t need it, it’s nice to know it’s there.

Begin today to create your own solar power system! Stop wasting money and polluting the atmosphere by forcing the power company to burn more fossil fuels to keep the lights burning in your household. Free yourself from expensive monthly electric bills and enjoy doing it!

Bob Gillespie

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