Three factors that determine crystal investment

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How much do you know about crystal investment?

Crystal,Guest Posting inferior to diamond, superior to Rhinestone beads, is one of the most preferable jewelry among girls. In addition to the shining and diamond-like features, crystal can be made into both jewelry and other arts and crafts, suggested professional jewelry supplies. Increasingly over the past years, collectors have found its value in investment. For most of them, crystal is no longer jewelry for decoration, but a valuable gemstone beads for investment and collection. No doubt, they must be urged by the brilliant and colorful out-look of crystal. However, how can they judge the price or value of crystal? Brand or Price in market? In fact, the crystal investment depends on three factors, they are:

First of all is the rare and precious crystal material. You must be wondering how it happens? Crystal is regarded being made of crystal material. Actually, it is a kind of misunderstanding. China has a large crystal output all over the world. In the sense that rare is deal, crystal would be cheaper than gemstone beads like jade. But there is a crystal craft selling at 300,000 RMB in Beijing. Amazing! It is because the crystal is made of various natural beads, with some human hair. What’s more, those hairs inside crystal would go together and form some patterns like rivers, figures and birds. They are naturally produced inside instead of man-made.
Second is famous craftsmanship. Undoubtedly, people would seek after famous things or celebrities because famous is taste, is sophisticated. Moreover, famous means good works and excellent craftsmanship. No one would want to waste money on collection of low quality wholesale jewelry beads. For the above reasons, crystal made by masters and famous arts would be of high price.

Last and foremost is the year. You must be wondering: does crystal have years? Here year has nothing to do with crystal, but with the craftsman. In other words, crystal making needs long years of experience. Experience is wealth for the whole life, which needs accumulation. Just think about when you are going for an interview, you will be asked how many years you have been in this field. Practice makes perfect. Generally speaking, craftsman about 35 years old is instable in crystal work, distracted by living issue. When they are in the forties, they will focus themselves on craftsmanship, creating many famous and exquisite works. In view of this, age of the craftsman is important.

However, you cannot determine the value of crystal just by one of three. A crystal may have many years, but they are not excellent in craftsmanship. Only combined three factors together, can you decide whether the crystal is worth investment, implied charms wholesale

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