Vampire Fiction Full Of Lovecraftian Horror And A Vampire In Peril!

Mar 28


Matt R. Jones

Matt R. Jones

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In most vampire fiction – and a big chunk of horror fiction – it’s the vampire doing the scaring.  They’re usually the bad guys,Vampire Fiction Full Of Lovecraftian Horror And A Vampire In Peril! Articles the ones you’ve gotta look out for.  They’ll either drink your blood in the middle of the night or sleep with your underage daughter…

Both of which are pretty upsetting.

But despite the direction modern vampire fiction has taken with its tragic princes and moody forever-teens, vampires are traditionally monsters.  That started all the way back with Dracula in the 19th century, and it’s been that way ever since.

Needless to say, some great stories have been told in that vein, but you know…

The vampire doesn’t always have to be the villain.  What would it be like for a vampire to be put on the defensive.  And not just by vampire hunters or werewolves, but things that are terrifying even for vampires?

“The Gas Station That Time Forgot” brings you a new twist on vampire fiction – it’s the VAMPIRE who’s confronted with horrible, scary things beyond understanding… and if he’s gonna survive, it’s BECAUSE he’s a vampire!

Vampires aren’t the be-all, end-all of scary things, as horror master H.P. Lovecraft – one of Stephen King’s favorite authors! – deftly proved.  Vampires are downright cuddly compared to the eldritch horrors that lurk in the darkest of shadows…

In Lovecraft’s stories, ordinary people are confronted with nightmarish creatures and entities from realms beyond anything we’ve ever seen.  Lovecraft’s heroes are helpless in the face of horror they can barely comprehend, let alone deal with.

But what happens if it’s not an ordinary person, but a VAMPIRE who runs into these terrible situations?

Most vampire fiction is built on the idea that vampires are the baddest of the bad, but when that old concept is thrown out – you get something thrillingly dark and different!

That’s the heart of “The Gas Station That Time Forgot.”  Professor Thomas Harcourt – a grouchy vampire professor of the paranormal – hears about a new gas station from one of his students… one that stocks Scratch in glass bottles.

Scratch is Tommy’s favorite soda, and he’s always felt plastic bottles never did it justice, but has had to put up with them since the 80’s.  Eager for a taste of the “good old days,” Tommy heads out for this new gas station, curiously located on a lonely desert road.

Things get even more curious when Tommy finds the gas station to be EXACTLY like one from the 70’s – including the rolling numbers on the gas pump displays.  He passes this off as a gimmick, but once he’s inside he encounters a strange, unsettling clerk, and then some disgusting slime at the back of the soda rack.

And then…

When Tommy encounters the spaceman in the bathroom, the weird horror gets into full swing – it’s only a matter of time until he runs into THINGS that would destroy a mortal mind like mine or yours!

But Tommy’s not just a professor of the paranormal – he’s a vampire with a rugged mind, great endurance, and strength far beyond a mortal’s.  He can handle something we couldn’t, right?

Well, maybe.  Or maybe not.  Just because he can withstand it longer than we could doesn’t mean he’ll be able to survive a cosmic horror that time and space means NOTHING to.

It’s a fascinating new spin on vampire fiction, unlike anything you’ve ever seen!  Even if you don’t know who H.P. Lovecraft was, you’ll thrill to Tommy’s terrifying trip in “The Gas Station That Time Forgot” – and shiver at the ultimate revelation of what lies beneath it.

“The Gas Station That Time Forgot” will open your eyes to the potential of vampire fiction beyond just drinking blood and BEING a vampire.  When you throw a vampire into bizarre and unspeakable situations…

You never know what’ll happen.  That’s the really fun part!

“The Gas Station That Time Forgot” lurks alongside 11 other tales of unique, unusual, and occasionally unsettling vampire fiction in Sex, Blood, & Rock ‘n Roll – which can be yours in less than five minutes when you visit the link below…

Sex, Blood, & Rock ‘n Roll

If you’re tired of the same old sad-eyed princes and brooding forever-teens in your vampire fiction, come along with Tommy and uncover the horrors that lurk beneath strange desert gas stations…

Just don’t say you weren’t warned.

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