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When and where can an earthquake manifest? Regarding this nothing definite can be predicted. On the basis of earthquakes that have appeared so far scientists have demarcated certain regions where the possibility of earthquake appearance is quite high.

In Algeria on 10th October 1980 a massive earthquake appeared. Those who read news printed in a leading newspaper shall remember that in it 25,Guest Posting000 people died. Further about 200,000 were rendered homeless and badly wounded. The moment the news of this earthquake spread various countries of the world immediately sent medical teams, workers of voluntary organizations and materials like food, water, tents, medicines etc. But due to this earthquake Al Asnan city and its nearby areas were so badly battered that no vehicles or communication systems could operate there. In 24 hours this area this area despite being situated bang in the central region of the world got isolated in all ways.

This earthquake remained most intense for about 15-20 seconds. The Richter scale measured its intensity as 7.5. On the Richter scale the most intense measurement is 12 wherein it manifests a scene of total annihilation/destruction. Huge rocks and hills start flying high in the air and even the heaviest object jump high and land with a deafening bang in far off regions. Rivers and streams stray away from their appointed direction of flow. Many a times hollow regions get filled up and in other regions large gaping holes and craters appear.

This earthquake of Algeria is but an example. When the 9 planets of the solar system come together in one single line with the sun even more intense earthquakes can possibly appear. At that time in order to gauge prophetically future destructions that could be witnessed due to probable earthquakes it is best to know as to why earthquakes manifest? How and in what manner do they manifest? And that is there any method via which regarding earthquakes a prophecy can be made that it shall appear at this particular time? Thus beforehand people can rush towards safer havens and regions.

According to leading modern scientists our planet earth previously was very much a portion of sun that for millions of years was a burning mass of fire full of gases. This gas on cooling down started solidifying and its upper portion started contracting. Later its inner region cooled down. Due to the inner pressure resulting from contraction 2 big cracks appeared on this earth. One crack starting from Hindukush and Karakorum mountain chain passing by the foot of the Himalaya Mountains travels to far off eastern regions. The 2nd crack beginning from Europe’s Alps region passes by below the majority nations of south-east Asia.

A lot of pressure from the ground region of earth falls on these cracks. Even today movements take place on the surface and womb of earth and when even a minor upheaval takes place nearby these cracks the surface of earth starts trembling. This then is called an earthquake. When in oceanic regions earthquakes appear a scene akin to Jal Pralaya or annihilation due to excess water flooding is noted. Waves start rising high up to massive heights of 90-100 feet and if nearby regions of land are fertile they get submerged in salty waters.

A small example of the ferocious terrible form of earthquakes is this earthquake of Algeria mentioned above. Even more terrible earthquakes could appear in future. The technological apparatus that can measure these earthquakes and that it can also in a minor way tell us about the possible manifestation of earthquakes is called seismograph. This seismograph can tap and gauge even the most miniscule intensity tremor. Its subtle power of gauging is so sharp that if nuclear explosions are executed in any area of India, China and Japan then tremors manifesting from them can be noted in USA and can be pinpointed that in a particular spot this explosion has been carried out. But the problem is that this seismograph can predict an earthquake manifestation just 2-4 seconds before it appears. This data hence is not useful because in such a miniscule time frame no arrangements can be made for protecting human/creature’s lives, property etc. Further these earthquakes appear so swiftly that in merely 1 second renders thousands of square miles area surrounding its epicenter trembling like dry leaves.

From this data we can gauge the destructive power of earthquakes wherein the powerful intensity of an earthquake noted on the Richter scale is equivalent to tremors emitted by simultaneous explosions of 200 nuclear bombs. Since due to an earthquake appearing very commonplace tremors manifesting take place hundreds of miles in the depth of the womb of earth hence its effect is not noted on the surface. Very few people can experience tremors appearing on the surface of earth due to the appearance of an earthquake measuring 1 on the Richter scale. In fact majority of them are totally ignorant about it. The powerful intensity of an ordinary earthquake can be inferred from this fact that via that much force very easily a mountain of 1200 meter height with a diameter of 30 sq km can be raised high at a height of 3.5 km.

When and where can an earthquake manifest? Regarding this nothing definite can be said. On the basis of earthquakes that have appeared so far scientists have no doubt demarcated certain regions where the possibility of earthquake appearance is quite high. In regions found at the base of mountain chains of Alps/Himalayas along with China and Japan more earthquakes appear yet one cannot definitely say that in other particular regions never can earthquakes manifest. They in fact can appear just about anywhere at any hour and it has been seen that in areas where generally earthquakes do not appear yet in those rare cases when they do appear their intensity in comparison is much horrifically more intense. Suppose in some regions earthquakes stop manifesting for about even a thousand years yet it cannot be declared that in a certain region the possibility of a future earthquake appearing is zero. In fact in these areas too any moment earthquakes can showcase their ferocious Tandav Dance. This means there is no region on planet earth which can be declared to be free of any possibility of an earthquake manifesting ever. Recently in Algeria an earthquake had created terrible havoc in a region of 120 sq miles.

Where can earthquakes appear and where not? Just as this question cannot be answered emphatically similarly this too cannot be predicted as to when in what region an earthquake shall manifest? Although in just about any region on planet earth sometimes earthquakes do appear yet China and Japan are such 2 countries where every citizen there in their lifetime have endured the ground there trembling hundreds of times. Since majority of earthquakes manifest in these areas, scientists there in order to predict its appearance beforehand executed tireless efforts to find a technique that reaps success yet no special satisfactory results have been reaped.

From such experiments and research studies only this much can be inferred that in the womb of earth each moment ceaselessly a tremor manifests and is called ‘earth’s breathing’. From study center it was found that before an earthquake appears this tremor augments more than 20 times. Yet it does not taken even that much of time for this tremor to augment and the earthquake appearing that we seen the rail engine seen on the railway platform and immediately after that the bogeys of the trains are seen. Yet scientists did not despair and they continued with their experiments. In the following leg of studies it was found that on the surface of earth a special type of subtle electrical wave each moment dances about. Before an earthquake appears, this suddenly increases and very swiftly decreases. Immediately after this an earthquake manifests. Yet the same old problem is faced here since the time gap between these waves increasing, decreasing and earthquake actually appearing is so tiny that no security arrangements for peoples’ lives, property etc can be made. This too is possible that when beforehand we can know that at a particular time these electrical waves shall increase at their peak and then decrease.

Till today scientists have not come to any definite conclusion in this direction. In fact on noting the behavior of certain creatures one can definitely deduce that these creatures well beforehand get the perception of increase-decrease of electrical waves and in order to protect themselves they run here and there. In 1966 in China the government there in order to unearth the knowledge of possible future earthquake manifestation made a program. In it the public was also requested to cooperate and were told that in their area if they noted any nature based changes they must report it to the concerned officials. On the basis of notes made by the lay public it was found that before earthquakes appear snakes and rats coming out of their holes run away in such a frenzy that neither the snake is aware of the rat’s presence and that neither the rat sees the snake. Even if they run away side by side or sometimes bang into each other yet neither notices the other.

In the above lines we mentioned 2 major cracks on earth. No doubt minor cracks exist everywhere wherein due to some unknown causes some change or the other continues and its result takes the form of a massively destructive earthquake. Grivin and Playmag in their book ‘Jupiter Effect’ have written that the chief cause of upheavals noted in earth’s cracks that manifest earthquakes is changes noted in earth’s magnetic streams. In the year 1982 when the planets of the solar system stationed themselves in one straight line alongside the sun at that time earth’s magnetic power and its force of gravity were affected in an extraordinary manner. Due to these effects in earth’s cracks strange changes were noted. The reaction of this was destructive earthquakes manifesting.

In land based terrestrial upheavals after earthquakes volcano eruptions take 2nd spot. When volcanoes erupt with terrific speed they destroy things ferociously. Last year a volcano on the mountain Nevadoden Rouiz in Columbia that was a sleeping one for many years erupted and from it terrific inferno blazed forth. This fire engulfed areas called Mureal, Caraviyanka, Libono etc and it is said that about 20-50 thousand people disappeared. Snowy mountains on melting started creating a curious union of fire and water.

A major ire of volcanoes has been witnessed in Indonesia. In that region 167 volcanoes reside amongst whom 80 are emitting rivers of fire even today.

In the 19th century the Tavera Mountain of Suvava Island in Indonesia has erupted. Thus 56000 people at one shot died together. The 2nd explosion had occurred in Java-Sumatra’s Krakatau area and its loud deafening noise was heard as far as 3000 miles away. Along with this, furious sea storms manifested. In it in a jiffy 36000 people died gory deaths. It is believed that radiations emitted at that time were equivalent the energy dwelling in 26 nuclear bombs. Its foggy dark smoke clouded over Montan and Byoking states for a long time span.

After an explosion occurs if smoke mixed with gases continues dwelling in Biosphere and Stratosphere close to earth’s surface then these by raining down along with rain clouds land on the ground and then its dire effect is noted very quickly. Yet if it reaches 20 km above then this toxic dust remains spread out in the atmosphere for many years to come and it obstructs sun’s heat from entering earth. This in turn affects earth’s weather in a big way. Heat lessens a lot. Rains fall abnormally in an unseasonal manner and thus creatures experience a choking kind of feeling.

The dust emerging from a volcanic eruption noted in Saint Helena region of Washington State for a long time flew about in the sky and morning evening in east and west a reddish hue was seen. In these gases the measure of sulfur is a lot. Sulfur is a kind of poison. When along with water or wind it lands on the ground it definitely harms plants, creatures in that area.

On 13th November in Ujmero city a volcano erupted. In this region with a population of 25000 people a lot of weather upheaval was experienced. People have been wonderstruck that suddenly how seasons have veered away from their previous traditional manifestation?

Tremors of the earthquake were specially felt in South America and Africa. By itself it did not spare any tiny nook or corner of planet earth since tremors were felt everywhere and thus a lot of loss as far human/creature’s lives, property, wealth etc had to be painfully endured. The tremors felt in California, Peru, Nicaragua etc have been declared the biggest hazard of the 20th century.

In Peru about 60000 died. In Nicaragua 7000, in Guatemala 23000, in South China 20000, in Beijing 800000, in Turkey 3000 and in Italy 3000 people died. Apart from this in earthquakes of Japan, Indonesia, Chile etc heavy losses of human and other lives, property etc was reported.

As per the magazine ‘Science’ each year, about 6% poisonous carbon monoxide gas is increasing in earth’s atmosphere. Due to its malefic effect gases that obstruct solar rays entering earth start diminishing in measure. Due to this increase-decrease the ice on Polar Regions of earth could melt and a big portion of earth’s land due to sea storm manifestation could get submerged in humungous amount of salty sea water.

The renowned scientist Rene Duma and Bernard Rodiar made a joint prophecy which was published in the ‘Science’ magazine. This prophecy was also upheld by the editor of this magazine John Gribin on the basis of certain separate arguments and logic put forth by him. They say that the state of planets in future times shall be such that their subtle influence can inflict harm of various sorts on indwellers of planet earth. Right from epidemics, wars, earthquakes, excess rains, famine etc to such episodes wherein cyclones and storms shall augment n fold. Thus since the mental balance of ordinary people shall go haywire a lot of stress and strife shall have to be endured by them. Crime, communal fights etc in innumerable measure shall crop up like weeds the world over.

There are so many causes like sunspots, eclipses, planets stationing themselves in one line with the sun, meteors, comets etc that shall create unrest, agitation etc the world over.

The final decade of the 20th century is going to manifest with which fearful world situation that shall warn earth indwellers of inauspicious times to come? This has been analyzed by leading astronomers of the world. Pandits, astrologers, Babaji’s, ochre clad sages etc have made many prophecies. Amongst these maybe very few have come true yet as far as scientists are concerned the story is different. Their inferences are based on sound basis and proofs. They are well aware of their status of renown in the world and know well that lest their prediction gets falsified they shall face mockery everywhere.

The USA magazine ‘Denovier’ too has written that the end of the 20th century shall reek with incidences filled with strife and undesirable elements.

Within these fearful upheavals we must not research into nature’s insane mismanagement. Instead we must self introspect deeply as to is it our inner mental unruliness and taints that is angering planet earth?

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