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It's almost ... - the days are slipping past, but they too can be a lot of fun - all leading up to a great ... time for all. This year, try placing your ... at a table (an old on

It's almost Halloween - the days are slipping past,Guest Posting but they too can be a lot of fun - all leading up to a great family/friend time for all.

This year, try placing your scarecrew at a table (an old one from your garage or shed) or make one from two saw horses and a flat board. Instead of the 'ol straw hat, place a chef's hat on his/her head and make sure he/she has an apron. Then load on the bountiful Fall harvest (pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, apples, etc.).
Heads will turn to check out the new chef in town.
Instead of just setting out a big bowl of goodies for family and friends to enjoy while watching TV, playing games, or sitting by that bonfire -
Place a handful of your choice of treats in an ice cream cone, or waffle cone. You can even make colorful cones from heavy paper, rolled in a cone shape, and taped. Place in your scariest bowl and let the fun begin.
After a hard day of helping to decorate the great outdoors - let your children have fun in the tub -
Spray shaving cream into plastic containers and add just a quick drop of food coloring in each one in the colros of Halloween - yellow, orange, monster green, etc.
The little ones can then make tomorrow's blueprints for even more fun on the tub, or enclosure, and no harm is done - clean-up is fast and easy.
And speaking of kids - begin now to make a memory placemat for enjoyment years to come - not only for the wee ones but for all the adults as well.
Take pictures while raking leaves, making costumes, or any Fall or Halloween fun time and include the adults and friends or neighbors that just happen to come by. Continue your collection of pictures until Halloween day and make your child or friend, or hustand, wife, or whoever, the centerpiece in the mat. Add all the other pictures around, with the date and year on the very bottom.
Laminate both sides and do this every single year - not only will you see how things change, but the laughs and giggles start when years down the road, costumes change, people change and even the 'ol homestead changes. Everyone enjoys looking back and enjoying the moment once again.
Halloween and every day leading up to this holiday -
©Arleen M. Kaptur 2003 October

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