Buyer Beware - Choosing A Real Estate Agent Before Looking For A House

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Everybody wants a deal when buying a house. And why not? For most people it is the biggest purchase of their life. But buyer beware! There is another bargain you need to find before you shop for a house.

Can you guess the most common mistake home purchasers make when starting the home buying process

The most common error is not spending enough time choosing a real estate agent. Why is interviewing prospective agents so important?

If you are looking for the best buy on a house you need the best Realtor to lead the way. Everybody wants a deal when buying a house. And why not? A house is generally the largest expenditure during someone's lifetime.

But buyer beware! There is another bargain you need to find before you shop for a house. Look for a great Realtor! Indeed this action could have the greatest impact on your home buying experience.

But the trick is deciding your criteria for choosing a real estate agent.

Line up meetings with three to five Realtors. Just as you are not going to buy the first house you see,Guest Posting you need to shop for an agent. Just as you will probably look at many houses before you decide which is right for you, don't settle for the first Realtor you meet without interviewing at least two more.

Choosing a real estate agent, the one right for you, to guide you through the entire house buying process is essential to your success.

Here is another tip. A big mistake many home buyers make is skipping from agent to agent to find their dream home. Don't! Instead make it your intention to find an agent you are going to stick with.

Believe me, don't let greed trick you into thinking that you are limiting your opportunities by working with just one specific broker. It is actually just the opposite. If you hunt for the best agent you can find before shopping for a house, you are far more likely to discover that dream home you are looking for.

So invite several real estate brokers to your home instead of going to their office. Pay close attention to their interaction especially with your family members. If you feel they are hesitant around you, move on to the next candidate.

And since you will be spending a lot of time together don't overlook asking yourself, do I feel at ease with them?

Before they visit prepare a list of questions you will want to ask during the interview. Begin with stating your general goals. In two or three sentences tell why you need the services of a real estate agent and what type of property you are looking for.

Stick to explaining your main goals initially, saving details for later. Keep in mind you are the questioner and the agent is the questionee. Then take note of their reactions to your needs.

Ask these questions during your interview.

#1 Why did you choose the real estate industry? As they speak with you, observe whether they are passionate about their profession.

You can continue questioning.

#2 May I speak with a several of your previous home buyers? In the next day or two, follow through and call them. Look for indications during your conversation pointing to this agent being someone you can work with.

#3 Do you specialize in certain types of property? Personally I like working with agents who focus on certain areas, neighborhoods, or types of property. For example, if I am looking for a condo, choosing a real estate agent that specializes in condos makes the most sense.

#4 Lastly, question agents regarding their plan of attack. Because you have a certain goal in mind, you want to know how they will go about bringing you the solution you are looking for. The best agents know how to succinctly explain their game plans. See if their strategy matches up with your goals.

After interviewing several Realtors, it is time to make a decision. Narrow down your selection by considering these points.

What agents do you feel uncomfortable with? Which ones answered your questions directly and which didn't? Are they enthusiastic about helping people? Who can you freely question without feeling ignorant? Does their expertise match the type of homes and the neighborhoods you are interested in? Can they easily explain their strategy and do you agree with it?

Right now is the best time for choosing a real estate agent and buying the home of your dreams.

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