Taking Care of Baby with Meningitis

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On identification of meningitis,Guest Posting medical institution might allow you to take baby home if there foresee considerable chances of recovery. You need to know special attention required by the baby for a complete recovery.

On your arrival back home, begin with fever reduction techniques like applying cold wash cloths on the forehead. In the condition, infants may turn down your several attempts to feed him. Don’t give up; keep offering food often, within an interval of 30 minutes. Caring for baby is the key for early and complete recovery.

All about Meningitis

• Medical condition wherein inflammation of the membrane occurs around the brain or the spinal cord.
• Inflammation causing meningitis is usually a result of bacterial infection or a viral infection.
• Among other plausible causes of meningitis include cancer, drug reaction, ineffective immune system and infectious triggers like fungi (cryptococcal meningitis) or parasites.
• Bacterial meningitis is a fatal condition which might lead to permanent brain damage, neurologic problems, and even death.
• Meningitis signs and symptoms are fever, lethargy, and thinking abnormalities.
• Inflammation of the brain, encephalitis, is another life-threatening condition associated with meningitis.
• Incidence of the malady is highest between birth and 2 years, especially from 3-8 months of age.

Newborn or Meningitis

• Use a humidifier or an air exhaust in order to dump dry air that can worsen congestion.
• Consult health care provider regarding medication or vaccination for administering the disease.
• Medications should not trigger other medical conditions like diarrhoea or vomiting.
• Keeping baby close and cradling is important aspect of the baby care in meningitis.
• After getting rid of fever of baby, wrap the newborn closely so that he should not pick it up again.
• Immunisation schedule must be adhered strictly. For treating the condition, routine childhood vaccinations are prescribed to prevent complications such as development of bacterial meningitis (pneumococcal, meningococcal and Hib vaccines).
• Preventative antibiotics are recommended for close contacts around meningococcal meningitis infected infants.
• Near ones should take extra caution as the medical condition can bring several complications. As a precautionary measure, wash hands after coming in contact with infant, be it a mere tough or changing diapers.
• Ensure high degree of hygiene before eating or preparing food.
• Do not share utensils either with infected newborn or with any family member.
• Keep infant’s mouth covered throughout the day.
• Infants should not be kissed on the mouth

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