Why Go Wooden In Your Furniture

Apr 23


Sarika Kabra

Sarika Kabra

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Thinking what kind of furniture you should go in for? Puzzled by the unlimited choices? Don’t be. Read on to make the right decision.


What furniture are you planning to buy for your new home? Looking around at the variety of choices available will only end up in confusing you. Everything is so attractive,Why Go Wooden In Your Furniture Articles that given the choice you’d like to buy a bit of everything. Of course, you have to draw the line somewhere. You have to decorate a house, not a museum. And even if you have the best of stuff, you would have to make a budget so you don’t get carried away by all those fancy dining room chairs and sofa sets vying for your attention.


One of the first things to decide is the choice of material. There are several kinds of material that furniture is made of. You can choose between wood and wood laminates, metal, wrought iron, glass, plastic, cane, leather and so on… the list is endless. Consumers are spoilt for choice, and your final decision will depend much upon your own outlook to life and your personal requirements.


Within each kind of material there are a variety of subcategories. Let us take wood to start with.

You can go for heavy woods for a solid finish, and furniture that will last for several generations. Preferred heavy woods are teak, oak and rosewood. Classic handcrafted Amish furniture is one of the best in terms of quality and uniqueness. Each piece is specially crafted by workers who work long hours to create pieces that are special and exclusive. Use of oak wood is another reason this special furniture really lasts, as the wood itself is greatly weather resistant and lasts for extremely long periods of time. Of course, a little anti-termite treatment and regular maintenance would be needed, but that is true for practically any kind of wood.


Teak wood is one of the favorites of furniture vendors and customers alike worldwide. The reasons for this are not difficult to seek. Teak is one of the most versatile woods, and lends itself to nearly any kind of molding. It is heavy and termite resistant, which gives it a longer life than most of its peers. It also grows in major forests of the world, and is available commercially practically all over the world as well. The grain of the wood is such that it is bound to melt the heart of any furniture lover. So you should not be surprised to find the finest teak furniture in the biggest castles of Europe, or the homes of ordinary mortals with a taste for fine furniture. You can indulge yourself too, and your grandchildren would still use that dining table decades later.


If you like light furniture, both in weight and in color, you should look at lighter woods like pine. Pine wood has an inherent advantage that termites and other insects do not attack it, giving it a much greater life than its peers. This is because of the oil content in the wood, which repels the insects and makes the wood unattractive to them. Of course, this very much suits your needs as it increases the life of your furniture. On the flip side, pine furniture has the disadvantage that it is prone to chipping. Also, due to this very reason the wood is best used for simple, straight designs, and is not suitable for heavy carving designs.


Go ahead and make your choice and enjoy setting up your home.

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