Are Music and TV The Solution To Muscle Building Boredom?

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Many experience substantial muscle building workout monotony that causes a spark of inconsistency. Surprisingly, some have yet to discover the most effective key to curing this widespread ailment.

Many bodybuilders who have been training for muscle mass find that weight lifting workout sessions can become mentally difficult to sustain,Guest Posting especially during high volume periods, and this emotional barrier causes many to abandon the weight lifting process before substantial results are achieved. Yet, there is a proven method that increases motivation, and can even inspire a bodybuilder to put forth far more effort than otherwise seems possible.

Young and old alike use music in their spare time to lift mood when feeling less than stellar, and this is one of the most powerful weight lifting workout aids for enhancing mental focus. It would on the surface seem that any background noise will distract a bodybuilder from his weight training workout obligations, but this is not the case, as the mind, when focusing on a weight training set absent music, is more incline to begin recoiling from pending stress, while music can provide a welcome diversion from this reality, one that amazingly can cause a bodybuilder to hoist more weight and perform a set with far more intensity than otherwise would be possible.

During times when I have selected music that I either have not listened to for an extended period, or when hearing a newly released song that I find appealing, I've been able to approach the weights with a level of intensity and focus that has never been possible for me using any other technique. But such an mental uplifting obviously requires selecting a particular type of music, and this will differ based on our own individual preferences. If you are not one who listens to music, load software such as Itunes on your computer and sample some free radio stations that play a variety of music (80s, 90s, current, rock, pop, etc), and see if you can find music that seemingly causes your blood to boil, and when you begin to feel an adrenalin rush through a specific song, you know that this is ideal for a bodybuilding workout, and can thus become a part of your arsenal.

Besides music, I have started to alternate using songs with watching television during my workout sessions, as I've found that a weight lifting routine which otherwise may feel redundant can become quite entertaining with the proper television programming. I suggest recording programming you find enjoyable on video tape or DVR, and play them back during your weight lifting workouts (training at home thankfully allows me with the luxury of doing so), as this method can also distract you from weight lifting stress, and put you in a emotional state where enduring a 60-90 minute battle with weights becomes far more realistic.

I have not experienced the same motivational surge with TV as I have when playing my favorite songs, so the proper songs I feel have a far more beneficial emotional impact on a weight lifting workout, but television, in my situation, provides another form of entertainment that can cause a bodybuilding workout session to seem far more sustainable than simply focusing on the sounds of plates crashing together for 60 minutes. With TV, I especially like the fact that time between sets is mentally occupied, as opposed to focused on the intensity required for the remaining weight lifting workout session. There are even occasions when I have opted for a hybrid, alternating between TV and music during one workout, playing songs as I perform a weight training set, while using TV during rest between sets, and this technique has also worked very well in greatly reducing negative mental roadblocks that accompany bodybuilding workout sessions.

Although many bodybuilders have already discovered the power of music to fuel bodybuilding workouts, many do not spend ample time diversifying their musical selections, as inevitably, regardless of how much motivation a certain musical choice may offer, after a few plays, the motivational impact will decline, and those who load their music player with the exact same group of several songs will soon no longer feel inspired. Therefore, searching for a wide selection of music is necessary, as cycling through a variety of songs will allow what now may seem uninteresting a chance to renew its potency, and upon returning to your bodybuilding workout sessions in several weeks, that identical song will boost workout intensity once again. Make sure to choose enough music to cycle between songs over a several month period, as this keeps the selections fresh, and will enhance the beneficial distraction in your bodybuilding workout sessions that will keep you motivated and primed for success.

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