Great and Easy Fat Loss Tricks

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Here are some easy and effective fat loss tricks to get you on the road of permanent weight loss.

Are you on the hunt for tips to slim and slenderize in a jiffy?  Well,Guest Posting today I have some great exercises for hips.  You should start seeing significant results within a couple of weeks.  If you're really motivated, maybe even less.  Just don't delude yourself into thinking these exercises can miraculously give you curvy and slim hips in a couple of days.  That's not possible.

But if you commit to doing these exercises for a couple minutes every single day, they will definitely help you to firm and shape up your hips.

Exercise For Hips

Use a hula-hoop

If you want to lose fat from your hips, choose a hula hoop.  I can think of no better exercise that directly targets the hips.  And it produces great results. 

There are just a few things you should know. 

The first thing is that a kid's hula hoop won't cut it.  They simply don't weigh enough.  Because they rotate too fast, they'll fall to the ground every 5 seconds.   You won't be able to control it with your hips.

So, the solution is a weighted hula hoop.  Now, I know these cost a bit more money. (They'll run you about $15-$20.)  But look at it as investment in your health.
And you also just want to do this exercise for just a couple minutes at a time.  Just do multiple sets that last between 2 and 3 minutes each.

The goal should be 10 minutes a day.

Side kicks

This is another great exercise for your hips.  You just want to make sure you don't kick too hard. If you kick with too much force, you may end up stressing or pulling one of your joints or ligaments. 

Just concentrate on nice and easy side kicks.  Do 10 sets with each leg.  Then rest.  Do this 3 times total for each leg.

Try to do this exercise 3 times a week. 

Those are 2 great exercises for hips that will work fast.

Easy Fast Loss Tricks

Don't drink liquids with snacks or meals

The reason I don't want you to drink anything with your meals or snacks is because liquids wash down mouth and esophagus enzymes, which are needed to better digest the foods you eat.  To be most effective, the enzymes require an environment that is dry.  This enables them to better break down the food that travel to your stomach.

So, whenever possible, avoid drinking liquids with meals.

Eat raw vegetables and fruits before and after your meals

Fruits and vegetables contain enzymes that help your food get better processed in your digestive system.  You don't want a digestive system that gets all clogged up.  When this happens, it takes an eternity for foods to pass through your system.

Eating a raw fruit or vegetable before and after meals will help to break down the food you've eaten into more manageable pieces.  And this makes digestion easier.

Rub your stomach after meals

All you have to do with is rub your gut with one hand.  Start in small circles near the center and slowly move your way outward in bigger circles.  This is great for stimulating better digestion.

Just do it for about 3 minutes maximum.

Those are 3 fat loss tricks that work great. Give them a try.  You’ll be glad you did.

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