Thoughts on a Hybrid P90X and George St. Pierre's RushFit Program

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A way  to do a Hybrid program between George St. Pierre's RushFit and P90X.

I am a huge fan of gaining experience from well-constructed work out programs and then adapting them,Guest Posting maybe even making them better.

The key to doing this is to have a great program to start with and to follow it to the letter at least twice, preferably more. You must become master of it. Master meaning you must be able to complete it front to back and remain injury-free and get the results the program called for. The important thing is really your satisfaction.

Once you have reached that point, you can go a variety of different ways. In many cases you cans simply combine two programs into what I call a “hybrid”. The beauty of a hybrid system is you can often get the benefits from both programs. No program is perfect in terms of the full body benefits and the results you achieve. There are only results and lack of results and there is only sustainability and lack of sustainability. When sustainability is discussed the consideration is solely about being able to use the regimen effectively again and again.

The novel idea that I have seen some of the more ambitious undertake is a hybrid of the George St. Pierre’s RushFitprogram and P90X. While P90X needs no introduction, George St. Pierre’s RushFit is a bit of a new kid on the block. Interestingly, it is a bit of a hybrid in it’s own right.

George St. Pierre is an MMA legend who has collaborated with professional trainer Erik Owings to create George St. Pierre’s RushFit. The creative goal was to get the results of P90X in less time, by using many of the principles at work in Shaun T’s Insanity.  Basically there is a lot of high intensity max interval training which will cause your larger muscle groups to burn like crazy. To promote the ripped appearance of P90X, George St. Pierre’s RushFit, incorporates the use of dumbbell free weights.

You go really hard for about 40 minutes in George St. Pierre’s RushFit v. the P90X hour or so. The hybrid concept combining the two is not complicated but I believe you likely will promote better faster weight loss if you give it a try. Take the RushFit program and substitute the two main cardio days in P90X (plyo and kempo x) with two of the harder cardio workouts. The trick is you want it to be dealer’s choice. You pick which ones are the best fit. This is one way to alleviate the criticism that P90X doesn’t give you efficient and quick enough weight loss.

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