Why the GSP RushFit DVD Program is Better Than CrossFit

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Exploring why GSP RushFit DVD Program might be better than CrossFit

Currently,Guest Posting there are two undeniable gold standards in fitness.

One is P90X and the other is CrossFit. P90X is a home workout and carries with it the obvious advantage of a one time fee and not having to travel to a gym. It is unquestionably the first name off the tongue when people are talking about home fitness programs and is arguably the most popular work out, home or otherwise, in the history of mainstream fitness.  It features a full body ethos where you are taken through a series of workouts that focus on individual parts. The results people have gotten are what have driven the success as people have literally transformed their bodies. They have done this in many cases in just the 90-day time frame.

CrossFit also uses tightly defined time goals and emphasizes a team approach to working out the total body in a gym environment. It has the advantage of being full body and high intensity which absolutely reshapes the body faster when done in a controlled and safe manner. 

What the GSP RushFit DVD program provides is the best attributes of both.  This is the versatility that many of lauded. It’s actually more of a mindfulness of what others are doing right and reviewers on Amazon have noted. So the concepts behind GSP RushFit DVD programare nothing new. But they are powerful and they do comport with the emerging exercise science.  You want to try and engage large muscle groups, and do it in a max interval way. This means that you work out as hard as you can, take a short supervised rest and get right back at it.

Doing this with weights as you are required to do with GSP RushFit DVD program means changes in muscular fitness and body shape as well as losing weight in a fraction of the time you put into both P90X and really CrossFit. Although the cross fit people will argue that point. What they can’t argue is that you will save money going with a home program with a one-time fee. When you can get the convenience and time expediency of work out that totally measures up to what you get from CrossFit, you need to consider giving it a look.

If money and time are of paramount importance, the better choice is GSP RushFit DVD program.  I would say to give it a test run and also go to the gym and do the CrossFit class. 

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