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The world today loves the idea of slim looking people. We see these people in magazines, on the television, and on beauty contests. In short we see them all over following various diets to help them achieve this look. One such diet that promotes this way of living is the Atkins diet. With the Atkins diet the way many people dieted changed forever.

In the Atkins diet you are introduced to a new way of living. With this method you will be re-educated about the types of low carbohydrate foods that you can eat. You will have to follow certain spartan rules in order for the Atkins diet to work for you.

There are Four stages of the diet that are necessary for any one who is on the Atkins diet to follow. These stages are the induction which is stage 1, in progress weight loss

is level 2, pre-maintenance is the 3rd phase and stage Four is maintenance. In addition to following the diverse dietary rules of these various stages the Atkins diet also recommends that steady exercising and nutritional supplements are used as part of this low carbohydrate diet.

During the induction point of the Atkins diet it is possible to ache up to Fifteen pounds. This is achieved by restricting your sugar intake to 20 grams a day. You can have low carbohydrate vegetables in your diet like lettuce, broccoli and tomatoes, Yet you can’t eat yoghurt, fruit and any starchy vegetables like potatoes on an Atkins diet. You are not allowed to have any drinks like alcohol or anything that might be caffein based.

Supposedly during the induction phase of the Atkins diet you stabilize your blood sugar, and curb various wellness symptoms that originate from unstable blood sugar, like fatigue. In this stage you break diverse food addictions and you also ensure your cravings for difference

When you enter the Third and 4th stages of the Atkins diet you will have reached your ideal weight. It will be at this time that you get to increase your carbohydrate intake up to 60 grams per day. From this point on if you wishing to keep your weight at this level then you must stick to your Atkins diet for the rest of your life.

A word of cautiousness should be given. There are many medical facts that state that followers the Atkins diet will cause wellness problems for those on the diet. The reasons are many but the main ones are that our bodies need about 300 grams of carbohydrates for wellness and mentality activity to function properly.

However, so far the dieting seems to be working for many people on many different levels, so if you take things one step at a time, you should be able to find that with the Atkins diet you’ve found asure-fire winning way to permanent weight loss. And what could be better than that?

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