Cotoletta alla milanese, the most famous dish of Milan

May 7


Simone Benedetti

Simone Benedetti

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 Cotoletta alla milanese (milanese name derivable its place of origin,Cotoletta alla milanese, the most famous dish of Milan  Articles Milan), which is a deep fried cutlet fairly similar to Wiener schnitzel, but is "bone-in", braised in clarified butter and traditionally uses veal exclusively from suckling calves. It's very frequently served with Risotto alla milanese.

Another type of milanese is the cotoletta a orecchio di elefante ("elephant ear cutlet"), which uses a thinner but larger cut of meat, and is deboned and tenderized prior to frying, like to American formulation of breaded pork tenderloin, this is the most common cotolette eaten in Italy in every day life because it's easy and fast preparation but its thin meat and very deep "fry" make them not appreciated by the chefs because of it very strong taste of "fry" and in the typical Osteria of Milan the first version is way more common.

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