Creating a Healthy Pizza in Your Own Kitchen

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When it comes to eating pizza at a restaurant it is usually unhealthy and high in calories. It is possible however to make a healthy one at home. Here we offer some tips to help you do just that.

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food. The downside to it is that it is high in fat content and has a lot of calories. For this reason many people who are conscientious about their health and watching their weight stay away from eating this type of food.

It is possible however to make a pizza that is healthier in nature at home but it is not as likely to get a healthy slice when you are at a restaurant. For instance a slice at a food establishment generally has in the area of 300 calories. This means that you could potentially consume the vast majority of your caloric intake all in one sitting. The fact that most individuals are not good at portion control means that eating too much and taking in too many calories is a very likely possibility.

Pizza is not often associated with eating a healthy and well balanced diet because of the fact that it is high in the bad type of fat- saturated fat- as well as being high in calories and is high in sodium. That does not mean though that you have to say farewell to a food that you are so fond of.

If you decide to eat out and you want this food then order a green salad first so that you will be fuller and will end up eating a smaller portion of the main course. Eating a slice or a half a slice is much healthier for you than is eating a half of the whole.

Nobody wants to consume unwanted or unnecessary calories just for the sake of enjoying the taste of this delicious food choice. But making a healthy pizza in your own kitchen is within your grasp. You just need to reduce the ingredients that make the meal fattening and instead replace the bad ingredients with veggies that are high in fiber content and low in calories.

How do you make this happen for yourself and your family? To start you should make a crust that is whole grain instead of made from white flour. Buy a pre-made whole wheat crust or find a crust recipe that you can make in your own bread maker. Whole grains are better than white because they are rich in fiber which is necessary for a well-functioning digestive system and keep you feeler satiated for a longer span of time.

Another way to design a healthier pizza is to use plenty of tomato sauce. This is good for you because tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is a strong antioxidant that helps to keep many chronic diseases at bay.

Cheese is a good source of the mineral calcium but it is also calorie laden. A large portion of the calories that come from this food are connected to the cheese. To cope with this use a light touch when it comes to cheese or else pick a type of cheese that is lower in overall fat content.

Say yes to as many vegetables as possible. Broccoli,Guest Posting spinach, onions mushrooms and bell peppers are all good choices. So are sun-dried tomatoes and olives. In fact whatever vegetable is a favorite of yours is worth tossing on top of your meal.

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