Different Types of Chutney

Jan 15


Rohit Kaushik

Rohit Kaushik

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Chutney is a side dish among the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent that can be made from tomato, tamarind, coriander, mint, ground peanut, yoghurt etc.


Occasionally,Different Types of Chutney Articles chutneys that contrast in taste can be served together - a favorite combination may be a green coriander or mint and tamarind chutney. It’s important to know that while making chutneys spices are added usually in a particular order for better consistency and taste. In south India chutney are also made in the form of powders and are made from roasted dried lentils. These powders are generally used for sprinkling on idlis and dosas. Peanut chutneys can be made wet or as a dry powder as per the occasion.

Spices that are generally used in chutneys include fenugreek, cumin and asafetida (Hing), other prominent ingredients includes coriander, capsicum, mint, tamarind or imli, tomato, chili (red & green), Mango Chutney, lime, garlic, peanut and ginger.

Coconut Chutney Recipe

Coconut chutney is a typically served especially with Idlis and Dosas.  It has a great taste & compliments many types of dishes.

Common Ingredients includes Coconut peeled and grated, chana dal, Indian yogurt/dahi, salt, green chilies, ginger

For Seasoning we can use oil, asafetida, black mustard seed, red chilies and curry leaves. Curry leaves provides a special taste to coconut chutney.

  • Coconut chutney can be refrigerated for 5-6 days.

Dhaniya Chatney/Coriander Chutney

Hari chutney is typically made with green coriander and some other spices. Hari chutney is a “must” with pakoris and many other popular Indian snacks like samosa and aalu tikki.

Common Ingredients includes Chopped green coriander (Dhaniya), Green chopped chilies, ginger, garlic, tomato, cumin seeds, asafoetida (hing) & Salt.

Tips: It’s better to chop off thick stems while cleaning coriander (hara dhania).

  • Imli Chutney/Tamarind Chutney

This exotic sweet and sour chutney can be called the ketchup of India.

Common Ingredients includes Tamarind paste, sugar, boiling water, roasted powdered cumin seeds, table salt, black salt, red chili powder, ground black pepper & ginger.

One of the first thing to begin with while making imli chutney is to break the tamarind into small pieces and soak in boiling water for an hour, then mash it into a pulp and strain, pressing the tamarind into the strainer to remove all the pulp and add sugar to the pulp. Mix well and add the remaining ingredients. Mix and add more sugar, salt or pepper as per taste.

  • Imli Chutney can be stored in refrigerator for two to three months.

Variation: To use as a dip, thicker chutney is desired while to use it as a topping, add some water to make the chutney thinner.