How Many Calories Does Pearl Milk Tea Contain?

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Originally created as a treat for Taiwan kids around the 80s, the delicious tea called bubble tea has many names, including pearl milk tea. Combining sweet green or black tea with milk and nice flavorings like taro and fruit syrups, bubble tea has tapioca parts floating around the bottom that you can suck up with a big fat straw. Pearl milk tea is a sweetened tea that contains more calories and flavors than it contains nutrients.

Averagely,Guest Posting you can expect a pearl milk tea of 16-ounce serving to contain:


· 0.6 grams of fat

· 278 calories

· 68g of carbohydrates

· 1.2g of protein


Calories in pearl milk tea


The calorie content of the bubble tea largely depends on the level of milk, sugar, taro, fruit, and topping added by you or your bubble tea shop. Averagely, calorie counters of a 16-ounce glass of bubble tea contain 278 calories.


What are the sources of calories?


The primary source of calories in milk tea is from the tapioca bubble found at the base of the tea. You can find over 1/3 cup of milk tea pearls in 16 ounces, which equals 180 calories in just a cup. Tapioca was made from starches in cassava tubers, which are almost totally carbohydrates.


Although it contains high calorie, tapioca pearls still offer great nutritional benefits that make drinking the tea a worthwhile experience. The pearls come with a minimal amount of iron, calcium, magnesium, and folate. They also contain a low amount of fat, sodium, and calcium.


Tapioca plays it cool on the stomach, which makes it an excellent option for anyone with digestive issues. Furthermore, tapioca delivers carbohydrates and fiber that will suppress hunger and help you feel full, keeping you away from the temptation of consuming more calories.


What's the sugar content?


The calories in milk tea also depend on the level of sugar and carbohydrates. On average, the 16-ounce drink contains 22g of sugar- which means that the 16-ounce drink contains 88 calories.


The sugar level depends on how sweet you want your drink to be and your choice of milk. Dairy milk of an 8-ounce cup contains 161 calories and 12g of sugar. Almond milk, another fresh option, contains 32g of sugar in one cup of 8 ounces, alongside 441 calories.


Other nutrition in bubble tea


Calories in bubble tea usually add up, although it depends on how your drink is customized. While the world follows the same ingredient idea on pearl tea, such as the milk, tea, flavoring, and tapioca, bobs, the ingredients that affect your tea's calorie count varies. They include:


Milk type


At Gong Cha, one of the best bubble tea companies in New York, organic milk options ranges from almond milk to organic oat milk, and other dairy variety. Their pearl milk teas contained sweetened condensed milk containing 65 calories.


Fruit Flavoring


Natural fruit purees contain low calories than artificially flavored syrup. The syrup used varies depending on the vendor. At Gong Cha, we use sweeten drinks to fresh fruit purees to lower the calorie content.

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